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Comings & Goings: Big O Doughnut shop opens on Broadway, a vegan doughnut shop

vegan donuts

Come June 3, between The Green Ant and Copper Common, on 171 E. Broadway, vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eaters alike will find a new doughnut shop they all can enjoy.

Jessica Curzon got the idea for Big O Doughnuts in March 2015, because Ally, one of her daughters had a craving for a doughnut—that is, a vegan doughnut. Jessica and Ally realized nobody did that… yet.

Curzon and her two daughters, Ally and Leah, and Curzon’s boyfriend and business partner, Zak Farrington, are vegan. “”Everyone loves a good doughnut. We are offering an awesome doughnut. It just happens to be intentionally free from any animal products and is 100% vegan.”

The Curzons began by selling their doughnuts at a booth at the 9th West People’s Market last summer and garnered quite a following. The business expanded on a dare when Leah challenged her mom to make Big O Doughnuts into something more than a fleeting endeavor.

Big O Doughnuts began operating out of commercial kitchen space on Highland Drive near 3300 South, selling their confections to Sugar House Coffee and Passion Flour Patisserie. The vegan des­serts were a hit, selling out every time they were delivered to Sugar House Coffee. Most people didn’t know they were eating a vegan doughnut. “You don’t have to sacrifice the flavor profile or the quality donut to leave out dairy and animal products,” says Farrington.

Big O Doughnuts, which will also serve coffee and tea, plans to eventually branch out into other vegan pastries as well.

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