Briefly Noted

The University of Utah wants your Body

By Diane Olson

Wondering what to do with your mortal remains? Want to be useful even when you’ve ceased to be, are bereft of life, have gone to meet your maker—are an ex-person?

Then you should bequeath your cadaver to the body donor program administered by the University of Utah Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy.

You’ll be put to good use for three months to two years. Then, at no expense to your survivors, you’ll be cremated and either returned to your family or interred at the Salt Lake City Cemetery.

All you have to do is fill out two copies of the Department’s authorization form and mail one to the program and keep the other with your will or Departure File (See “A Day Planner for Death,” October 2017 CATALYST.) You’ll receive a wallet card; keep it with your license and other ID.

Be sure to let your family know your plans. Upon your exit, the School of Medicine will pick up your body, as long it’s within a 50-mile radius of SLC. And yes, you can still have a funeral.

Hey, someone did this before you, which is how your doctor knows your liver from your spleen.

—Diane Olson

For more info, call the Department of Neurobiology and
Anatomy at 801.581.6728, email BODYDONOR@LISTS.UTAH.

This article was originally published on November 10, 2017.