Turban Askew: Swami Calls for Impeachment

By Steve Bhaerman

It's time for We the People to put the "Decider" through the Decider Mill.
by Swami Beyondananda
As a devout FUNdamentalist (accent on "fun") dedicated to bringing about Nonjudgment Day, I try to avoid judging and blame. In fact, I think people who judge are terrible, and those who blame are the cause of all the world's problems. And as a Swami-even a fake one-I feel obliged to be above politics. But no matter how high I try to rise above it on my magic carpet, the smell is unavoidable. The perpetrations of this Administration stink to high heaven.

    Now we know the whole idea of impeachment is tinged with partisanship, particularly in the light of the Bill Clinton affair. Indeed, Clinton publicly lied about a private matter and the Republicans gleefully made his privates public. But now even Republicans must face the sad truth that America has traded one lie-about for another who will lie about anything and everything. Not to excuse cheating on Hillary, but our current lie-about has been unfaithful to the Constitution and the rule of law. Bush and Cheney have been cheating on all of us. (And yes, both must be impeached. If we want justice to be done, we have to go right up the Cheney-of-command.)

    In addition to producing and directing The Iraqi Horror Picture Show-and using G-rated trailers to hide X-rated content-the Bush-Cheney Administration has instituted a disturbing policy of "ethic cleansing." This cleansing of ethical people from positions of power not only has caused our entire moral compass to go south, but has allowed "psychopathogens" (opportunistic organisms with a poisonality disorder) to infect the body politic and the political discourse. Meanwhile, the "fear-gnomes" -little gnomes of gnawing fear-the Administration injected into the mainstream lowered our resistance to Mad Cowboy Disease, an affliction we're still suffering from.

    But, as the saying goes, the truth shall upset you free. George Bush has been an enlightening rod to enlighten and awaken a slumbering body politic to an issue that is bigger than politics -the rule of law vs. the overrule of law.  And now after being abused by the abuse of power, the American people are starting to disabuse themselves. They are waking up and wising up, and that's good because we could use a good upwising in this country. Despite a massive media impropaganda machine that feeds the public "babblum" (strained B.S. made digestible for a simple child's mind), more and more Americans are reading between the lyin's and peering behind the Irony Curtain.

    We are awakening to realize that we the people are the "deciders," and ultimately we get to decide who our Decider will be … and who to put through the decider mill. The issue is bigger than Democrats vs. Republicans. The real issue is "buy-partisan." Parties in both parties are being bought, and our public servants are serving up huge chunks of the commonwealth to help gold-collar criminals become uncommonly wealthy.

    The good news is, we don't need a revolution in this country. We already had one. Now we need an American Evolution to reconstitute the Constitution from the grassroots up and reestablish the dream of our Founding Fathers-government of the people, by the people and for the people where the government does our bidding, not the bidding of the highest bidder.

    How do we start the evolution? By firing the first big shots.

    It's time for left and right to come front and center to stand for our highest values instead of falling for the lowest common dominator. It's time to impeach the entire impeachable system where the rule of gold has overruled the Golden Rule. And the time to act is now. Why? Because it is too late to do it sooner.

    I have a dream. Imagine going to the voting booth and casting your vote for… the greater of two goods.

Oh, and impeachment has another benefit. If we are successful, we will have a woman President-without having to elect Hillary.

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This article was originally published on July 30, 2007.