Turban Askew: January 08

By Steve Bhaerman

Is living in the now becoming a thing of the past?
by Swami Beyondananda
Dear Swami:
This holiday season I found myself at too many parties and family gatherings where I inevitably ended up eating too much. Now it's months and months of trying to get myself back in shape… then it's next holiday season and the same thing. Any tips for getting off this vicious cycle, and getting back into shape this January?
Dinah Bunch
Hartford, Connecticut

Dear Dinah:
I've often said, when you find yourself on a vicious cycle, stop pedaling. The first step in easy weight loss is, don't put it on in the first place. That's why I never go to any holiday gathering without my eating glasses. They magnify everything on my plate by a factor of 10, so I feel fulfilled before I get filled full. But even if you eat like a horse and end up feeling like a full filly, no problem. You've heard of Weight Watchers? I've discovered something even better – Shape Shifters. They promise to help you shift from shapeless and shiftless to ship-shape without diet or exercise! What's their secret? Photoshop. You'll be virtually slender in no time.

Dear Swami:
Why is it that those fashionable indigenous religions get credit for everything, and the Judeo-Christian tradition so many of us grew up in get taken for granted? I keep reading about these Native American and aboriginal rainmakers who've had success with recent droughts, and I'm thinking, surely our western traditions can come up with a rainmaking prayer.
Rev. Mayhew B. Wise
Birmingham, Alabama

Dear Mayhew:
Good idea. What about Hail Marys?

Dear Swami:
A few years ago, I got hold of that wonderful book by Eckhart Tolle, "The Power of Now." It had a profoundly positive effect on my life, but lately I find that things seem to be speeding up so much that I'm having a harder and harder time staying in the now. Is living in the now still where it's at, or has it too become a thing of the past?
Annie Daenow
Sugarland, Texas

Dear Annie:
You're not alone. Time has quickened so much that it's already next week and most of us don't know it yet. In preparation for 2012, where apparently all clocks will say "Look! No hands!" we can already see the distinctions of past, present and future being blurred. I'll give you an example. I just read that the Nostalgia Channel is offering re-runs of the Today Show, and are calling it the Yesterday Show. Here's how it works. If you missed the Today Show today, you can catch today's Today tomorrow on Yesterday.
Speaking of Today-or actually yesterday's Today-that's where I found out that Eckhart Tolle has written a sequel to "The Power of Now." It's called "The Power of Later." He recommends living in the future and calmly waiting for everyone else to catch up. That's what I'm doing, and I never felt better. Be there now? Been there, done that. From now on, it's be there then. So don't wait another second. Join me in the future now, and finally get ahead of the game.

Dear Swami:
I just heard a psychologist on the radio who claims that 90% of our thoughts are negative and redundant. What do you think?
Candice B. Wright
Vista, California

Dear Candice:
No, they're not. No they're not.

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This article was originally published on January 1, 2008.