Turban Askew: December 2007

By Steve Bhaerman

Is global warming a scam to drive us into the arms of nuclear power?
by Swami Beyondananda
Is global warming real? Are we humans causing it? Or is this just another scam to get us back into building nuclear plants? There's an awful lot of spin on both sides, but I figured if anyone could unspin the spin and cut to the chase, Swami, you can do it.

Lou Stuhlz
Emporium, Pennsylvania

Dear Lou:

Well, I'm glad you think so. Remember those newsreels of Gandhi spinning away at the spinning wheel? Now it's just the opposite. Nonviolent activists these days have to spend their time unspinning the spun yarn, trying to uncover the naked truth under there somewhere. I can't say that I've totally unraveled the yarn, but it sure does seem that special interests are especially interested in cooling the climate change story. Take the oil companies-please! As long as the business climate is hot, global warming is cool with them.
So what do we do? I'm glad I asked that question. Instead of taking sides, let's look at it from a different angle. What if we do nothing and it turns out global warming is for real? Even if it doesn't get the human race an "F" in third dimension, it certainly won't look good on our Permanent Record. But what if we take necessary steps, and it turns out the global warming wake-up call was just a false alarm? Well, let's see. We will have developed renewable energy, sustainable economy and global community. As sure as the sun comes up every morning, we will have energy so abundant we won't need armies to defend it. So what if we have to trick ourselves into doing it? Sure, the joke will be on us, but we will have the last laugh anyway. And by the way, I've already taken steps to reduce my footprint. I am wearing smaller shoes.
This may not seem like much of a problem to you, but I feel very limited in my life, and it's all because of my name. Yes, I have a famous last name, DeMille. But I'm not Cecil B. DeMille, or Agnes DeMille. I'm Ronna DeMille. I mean, ho hum. Nobody can get excited about me, and I can't get excited about myself. Swami, I'm stuck. You must give me some advice.

Ronna DeMille
Evansville, Indiana

Dear Ronna,

Well, there's that old saying, "Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names will never hurt me." Of course, it's something else entirely when the name they are calling you is actually your own name. As the great Native American shaman Broken Wind once told me, names hold a vibration. I know his certainly did. Then there was the guy who wrote me to say that he was always broke and in debt. Wouldn't you know it? His name was Owen Cash. I told him he needed to shift his emphasis. So he, changed his name to O. Wynn Cash, and ended up breaking the bank in Las Vegas. But, back to you. There are only two things you need to know. First, what people think about you is none of your business. Second, you are a figment of your own imagination. So, here's my advice. Spell your name backwards, move to Maui, and tell everyone you're from the Pleiades. Annor Ellimed. Has a nice sound to it.
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This article was originally published on December 3, 2007.