Transform U: The Flavor of Detail

By Auretha Callison

by Auretha Callison

Accessories are the ornaments of the style Christmas tree. Handbags, sunglasses, scarves, belts, eyeglass frames and watches co-habitate with jewelry and shoes, the other kingpins of detail.
This is my favorite part.This is where you get to define the essence of who you are and explore endless variations of style elements. Maybe your style is American Classic with tweed jackets, plain jeans, white shirts, flat leather boots and Avia_tors. Your bag would be a traditional shape and leather or a classic designer fabric.
You might be Modern and love black and white with stand-out eyeglasses that are strongly shaped and colorful.
You might be a Missoni design freak like me and love their particular vintage patterns and funky colors in textiles.Your sunglasses are Aviators or Sporty or Vintage or Mod. Everything has a mix of the flavor of You, like all the elements that make a great wine. The accessories you choose will determine your flavor of the day.
Some people confuse accessories with excessories… having too much of a lot of things that aren’t really their style. If you are a wine or chocolate connoisseur, I’m sure you have discovered your preferences.
I’m a spicy chocolate white tequila girl and I love my feminine accessories without a hint of a hard line. My jewelry, purses, scarves, sunglasses, belts-all reflect that same principle. Organic flowy lines with feminine detail.
What is important about accessories is that you don’t mix styles at the same time. Wine and whiskey, anyone? That feels crazy. One to three accessories of the same style is fine. Purses are important to your unique style. Change your purse with your style. I have about seven purses and use three of them most regularly. Check my website in December for an inner purse liner that goes from bag to bag easily. (
If you’re lazy about changing your accessories, then one or two styles might be best for you. If you get bored easily, experiment with inexpensive sunglasses and accessories until you figure out your style and then pick your favorites in a higher quality. 
Belts are tricky but worth the investment if you find something amazing. You need to find your natural waist. For some women who put on weight in their midsection, just under the breast is their natural waist and that waist can be highlighted with a wrap or fabric belt. This is really pretty with a just-above-the-knee length dress. Most people don’t need to use a belt with their jeans unless they are tucking their shirts in, which is uncommon these days. If your pants are loose, get them altered to fit you or buy the right size in the first place. It looks better than a chunky belt with a heavy belt buckle.
One of the best belts for all women is the chain belt in silver, gold or pewter. It falls lightly on our curves or creates curves as needed, expanding in lengths to the necessary place on our bodies where it creates the best flowing line. Chain belts are a great investment as long as they aren’t too heavy, too long or cheap looking. I keep all my belts if they are in good shape and just pull out the ones in style right now. Scarves are another thing to keep forever if they are in good shape and in your best colors and fabrics.
Accessories are the variety of the spice of your life. And most accessories, like belts and scarves, take little space to store, so there’s no need to worry about messing up your feng shui. 
Auretha Callison is an image and essence consultant in Salt Lake City.

This article was originally published on November 3, 2008.