Transform U: For the Fun of It

By Auretha Callison

These tips help you step through the slush in style.
by Auretha Callison
Most people I talk to in Salt Lake don't see the point in bothering about fashion. "No one else does," they say. "I don't want to feel stupid or overdressed. I don't want to feel cold or look silly."

I used to think fashion was silly, too. Expensive, wasteful, ridiculous-the judgments abounded. Now I see fashion as fun therapy and a valuable means of self-expression.

If you're willing to give it a shot, here are some ideas on how to do Salt Lake late winter/early springtime slush in style.

The spring fashion forecast features feminine ruffles, gathers, beading and feathers. This is a fun time to be female. Sheer, transparent tops or dresses create underlying interest with a peek-a-boo effect. (Sheer graphic tees over unusual camisoles would be a modest approach toward this trend.) Wear minimal jewelry if ruffles are around your face. Big bold rings are your best choice on any occasion, and a fine drop earring in a colorful stone (amethyst or any jewel tone) is a delicate finish that is nearly always appropriate, like pearls.

Spring points toward a refined '70s style in higher-waisted dark jeans and graphic or ethnic prints for men's shirts, women's tops and dresses. Super bright and bold color is the king of spring-certain to brighten our gray skies. Just one splurge of color is enough-keep the rest of your outfit neutral.

Rocker-style zippers and snakeskin accessories can come out of your closet to play. Metallics are still white hot! Try silvery metallics with various shades of gray and charcoal instead of basic black. If you like metallic shimmer on your shoes, pick them up this season because they may disappear soon. They are very functional with any evening dress and a silvery flash at the end of your dark jeans. My personal favorite is copper-authentically me-so when it is on the market, I snatch it up!

To stay warm in style:

My favorite tips.

Always wear a soft scarf in a medium width and a good color for your face. A scarf is 15 degrees of adjustable comfort that you can easily stash when you get warm.

Fun, sleek, colorful waterproof boots are everywhere. From wellies to red metallic galoshes, there is a style for everyone. Knee-length denim skirts with wool opaque tights and tall boots are super warm and go with everything. Don't be afraid to wear that shot of color on your legs! Put the fun back in fun-ctional!

For after-work parties or events-do dress up! No one wants to see you in the same clothes you wore all day. Bring rhinestones to bling up a basic outfit. Wear a metallic belt, scarf, or change into metallic or snakeskin shoes once you get to your event.  No one minds seeing you looking sexier, more creative and more fun.

Guys: Put on a black blazer with maybe a silk shirt in navy or cobalt blue. Spare us the old pilled ski sweaters you've been wearing for years. Make us want to touch you-get a luscious black or blue cashmere sweater. Buy some dressy boots, western or otherwise, to give us a break from the mutant rubber and fleece things you've been wearing on your feet. Go easy on the cologne. Never underestimate the power of a nice jacket, shirt and even a tie. Wear them with dark slim-fitting jeans, we don't care-just dress up your feet and your torso for us. You had us at "dress up."

If you don't opt for fashion, at least enroll a sense of humor. My sweetheart wears his grandma's Dr. Seuss-like hand-knit hat leaning off his head. It always makes me smile.

I see so much sameness in Salt Lake. Fleece from head to toe and clunky utilitarian shoes at every turn. My friends, it's time to raise the bar. If you consider yourself to be above or below fashion, I invite you to set your judgments aside and try it on for size. It just might fit fabulously.

Auretha Callison is an intuitive image stylist living in Salt Lake City.

This article was originally published on February 1, 2008.