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“Lamb’s Good Food”

The patrons of Salt Lake’s iconic Main Street restaurant seen through the eyes of a young employee Way back in 1992, I worked as a

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Bee advised

Salt Lake County bee inspector Peter Somers mentors new enthusiasts In another life, Peter Somers was a pilot. Now, he is the Salt Lake County

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Don’t forget…ducks!

An egg lover shouldn’t go through life only eating chicken eggs. Duck eggs are a real delight. Larger than chicken eggs, these oval packages contain

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Open Air Dining

by Carol Koleman Two-fer-one in the summer: Great food, great outdoors. Is spring really longer than it used to be, and the summers hotter? Feels

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Springtime Gardening

by Kay Denton Managing the unpredictable ways of Utah spring weather. It’s another typical spring in Utah—sunshine one day, bluster the next—and gardeners are pondering

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Size Matters

by Fred Montague A 3 ft. by 6 ft. raised bed gardening system beats a 4×8 on several counts—learn why, and how to build one.

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2011 Planting Guide

Sponsored by Western Garden Centers Learn when to plant what with this clip-and-keep chart. √ plan√ start seeds√ interplant√ companion-plant√ water√ thin√ weed√ trellis√ add

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To Bee or Not to Bee

by Andy Monaco Confessions of a novice bee keeper. I don’t know when the thought of keeping bees occurred to me. It could have been

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U Can Garden

by Benjamin Bombard The UofU’s organic garden aims to become a communtity concern. It’s a few days after July 4, and Alexandra Parvaz, Jimmy Ruff,

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Forget Far-Flung Food

by Tara Poelzing The Eat Local Challenge dares you to chow down close to home. Science has shown that food loses nutrients over time (and

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