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The Misandrists Preview

Set in 1999 Ger(wo)many, the iconic, campy LGBT film-maker Bruce LaBruce presents his latest provocation: The Misandrists. The concept: female liberation army training in an

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Alaska is a Drag Preview

When thinking of Alaska, Sarah Palin and the tundra landscape may come to mind, not the setting of a drag queen’s beginnings. Alaska is a

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No Small Talk: RBG at Sundance

Nothing that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg says is unimportant. Scholars, lawyer and politicians study her words and will continue to study them for generations. It

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When the World Comes to Utah

by Geralyn Dreyfous A preview to the Sundance Film Festival, January 20-30. Getting into Sundance is now officially harder than getting into Stanford or Harvard.

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