The Intuitive Life: Home alone in the dark

By Margaret Ruth

Do less. Be more. Savor the long nights.
by Margaret Ruth

In the Northern Hemisphere, now, the days grow longer. But who can possibly tell? So many people find themselves wishing this dreary time of the year were over.

With just a small change of perspective, though, you can take advantage of this season and find wonderful ways to not only enjoy the dark morning and early dusk, but also to expand your own inner awareness and personal intuition. During these darker days of the year, focus upon allowing less doing and more being in your life. This is, after all, something you have been meaning to do for a while now…but just cannot seem to find the quiet time to do it…can’t quite find a way to be able to focus on just yourself…. Hey! This month you can!

So tell yourself this can be a month of less left-brain and more right-brain time—and that it will be a pleasurable project. Put away the to-do lists of December and allow the remaining short days to enlarge your spirit.

One potent technique to expand your sixth sense is to intentionally focus on your five physical senses. Experience the delights of sound, smell, taste, touch and sight: Light a candle or a fire. Watch the flames, smell the aroma. Close your eyes and feel the heat.

You could also stare at stars, taste snowflakes, inhale the aromas of cooking, really listen to a piece of fine music or the voice of someone you love.

You can also take this time to focus on your own spiritual growth. If you feel bored or cooped up, try some of these ideas: Meditate. Read spiritual and metaphysical books and poetry (you know—the ones you’ve been meaning to read). Curl up in a comfy chair with hot cocoa and a CATALYST magazine. Exper­ience my friend Mark’s Releasing Ceremony, designed to help us let go of old inner gunk getting in our way. He recommends invoking all five senses: Carefully prepare yourself a cup tea or juice. Light a fire or candle. Choose music to play that holds a sense of importance for you. In this sacred container, release old hurts and sorrows by drawing symbols of them on papers and then burning them (safely, of course). Give the evening over to this ceremony of releasing and a sense of healing just might come to you.

There are so many more interesting, soulful and en-light-ening ways to spend the long evenings. What are your ideas for taking intuitive advantage of January’s dark days and long nights? Email us and we will post them on the site so everyone can read them.

This article was originally published on December 30, 2009.