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The Aquarium Age: November 2011

By Ralfee Finn

Astrology for November.

There’s no room for slackers this month, so if you’re thinking of leaving something for later—think again. Anything put off, pushed back or postponed during November 2011 is likely to linger until July 2012. So now would be the time to get busy and get “it” done.

The good news is that November’s days and nights are action packed, and planetary patterns carry the potential to accomplish just about any task. But don’t worry if you don’t feel like working. There is also equal potential for fun. Just be aware: A profound impulse toward getting grounded and staying that way underlies the entire month, and that deep pragmatic current could persuade many of us—even those who prefer to revel—to roll up our sleeves and devote ourselves to the gratification of hard work and the satisfaction of a job well done. 

Mars takes the helm this month, and we need to listen to its commands, closely. It enters Virgo on November 10, and stays in Virgo, the sign of particulars, until July 3, 2012. No, that’s not a typo. 

Before Mars moves into Virgo, it opposes Neptune Nov. 1-18. A Mars/Neptune opposition tends to manifest as nervous, irritable energy, that can’t find its own voice because it can barely find its legs. Don’t be surprised if you or someone close to you is in need of extra attention and a more than occasional foot massage. On November 9, at the midpoint of this opposition and right before Mars moves into Virgo, Neptune goes direct in Aquarius, and for the next three months will journey through the last degrees of this altruistic sign. It moves into Pisces on February 3, 2012, and will not return to Aquarius until March 2175. (More about Neptune, in Pisces, in future columns.)

When Mars enters Virgo on November 10, it forms a trine to Pluto that lasts until December 6. We love this—just because a Mars/Pluto trine supplies prodigious amounts of power and energy that can be channeled into all sorts of endeavors from sports to sculpture to writing to woodworking. Remember, this is the month to get “it” done. But that’s not all.

Mars also trines Jupiter from Nov. 8-25, forming a Grand Trine in Earth. (Oh…yeah!) This combination of Mars/Jupiter/Pluto provides the possibility for unusual success, because it provides the ability to see the big picture in all of its glorious particulars. It’s one thing to grasp the concept; it’s another thing to understand how the pieces of that puzzle fit together. But it is a whole other octave of success when you have the energy to do whatever it takes to ground that vision into reality. Use it well. 

Other November notables:

November 1-23: A Mercury/Venus conjunction infuses daily endeavors and nightly pleasures with a deep need for beauty and many thoughts of love. Expect to be inspired. And for the first week of the month, be prepared for unusual proposals. Uranus trines both Mercury and Venus, a positive interaction that could lead to unusual partnerships.

November 24-December 13: Mercury is retrograde, just in time for Thanksgiving travel plans to go awry. Mercury Retrograde is always about delays and detours, so make those plane reservations in the beginning of the month. Also, because Mercury Retrograde is also about communication hassles, be sure to back up everything well in advance of the actual turn-around; the three days before and the three days after the actual retrograde can be just as difficult.

There’s a solar eclipse on November 25, and because the eclipse effect is often felt prior to the actual event, Thanksgiving dinner is likely to be more emotionally charged than it usually is. During a solar eclipse, unconscious concerns override conscious ones, and as themes long held in the shadows see the light of day, the surface activities of daily life tend to wobble. Uranus trines both the Sun and the Moon during this eclipse which means we can expect startling revelations, some pleasant and some…well…just startling.

November 2011 is a good month to be intentional, especially about what you want to put in motion, and how you want those plans to unfold. While we are as busy this month as we have been for the last many months, November’s signature is all about getting grounded and then doing whatever it takes to stay that way. 

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© 2011 by Ralfee Finn

This article was originally published on October 31, 2011.