Aquarium Age

The Aquarium Age: Nov. 16-22

By Ralfee Finn

There is no one particular, specific astrological explanation for Hillary’s loss or Donald’s win. Of course, some astrologers will point to one or another stellar alignment as the reason for the outcome, and some of those sky watchers are likely to be right or nearly right in their interpretation of the astral influences on Election Day or on the day of the Primaries, or on any other of the days they deem significant. But as I often remind readers, if astrologers were always right we would rule. And while it could be argued that Ronald Reagan’s astrologer did “rule” and was mostly right, it could also be argued that Ronald Reagan’s trickle-down economics ruined the world and that we are still recovering from those policies. The best way to contextualize the outcome of this election through an astrological lens is to understand the magnitude of long-term planetary cycles and their influence throughout history. (I’ve written about these cycles before, but as a wise friend pointed out, some things need to be heard more than once.)

We are in the midst of a Uranus/Pluto cycle that began in the mid-1960s’. Every long-term planetary cycle is best understood when it’s compared to the phases of the Moon: The conjunction of two or more outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) can be seen as the equivalent of the New Moon; the first square between the planets is similar to the first Waxing Quarter Moon; the opposition is comparable to the Full Moon, with the final square in the cycle equal to the last Waning Quarter Moon. The beginning of the cycle sows the seeds for the future; the squares, both waxing and waning, reveal the conflict; the opposition illuminates what has grown during the cycle and ultimately what the harvest of that cycle is likely to be.

Uranus and Pluto are always about revolution. Uranus signifies the principle of rebellion and it catalyzes stagnant waters in need of change. Pluto signifies the principle of death and rebirth, and it signals the demise of systems that no longer serve. Both planets represent energy: Uranus is akin to active electrical impulses, which is why it is associated with the nervous system, and Pluto is, of course, nuclear energy, which is why it is said to produce change at the core. When they interact in any iteration, many aspects of daily life reflect the potent instability of their combined energetic signatures, an instability that highlights what needs to change, whether that transformation is individual or collective.

Interestingly, Uranus/Pluto cycles are always about issues of social justice, and during their revolutionary cycle, movements are born and leaders emerge, if only because the intention of these movements is to remedy the ignorance that fosters the notion of inequality that separates us as human beings. During these cycles, the issues of feminism, racism, and every other form of bigotry (which we’ve created to exploit our diversity and punish each other for what we are afraid of and cannot understand) also always rise to the surface of daily life and demand our immediate attention.

To offer just a few examples of how a Uranus/Pluto cycle manifests: During the previous Uranus and Pluto cycle which began with three conjunctions between June 1850 and March 1851, Sojourner Truth wrote “Against Slavery and on Behalf of Women” in 1850. In 1851, she delivered her speech at the Woman’s Convention in Akron, Ohio, entitled “Ain’t I A Woman?” During the current Uranus/Pluto cycle, which began with a series of conjunctions between October 1965 and June 1966, Betty Friedan and Shirley Chisholm, along with many others, co-founded the National Organization for Women, and for the next several years following the exact conjunctions, the literature and activism of the Women’s Movement accelerated.

The Civil Rights Movement, led by Martin Luther King, Jr., also gained significant ground during the current Uranus/Pluto cycle, and just prior to the first Waxing Squares of this cycle, we elected the first African American President. But resistance took hold because of what that paradigm shift would mean for the African American community—no longer second class citizens—and a powerful resistance to that change in status raised the specter of racism in the United States once again. And that racism could and can be seen through the Birther Movement, championed by Donald Trump, as well as through his campaign slogan, “Make American Great Again,” a slogan that really means “make America white again.”

We are still in the friction of that waxing cycle which included seven exact squares, all which occurred between June 2012 and March 2015. There’s no need to reiterate what’s occurred during these years, but certainly we have seen the movements for social justice take on new life.

Over the last several years, and most recently the last several months, I’ve attempted to write about the palpable opposition to the current waves of change that this Uranus/Pluto cycle has set in motion. The 1960s’, for a brief moment in time, provided a glimpse of what the world could be like if we worshipped at the altar of transformation and creativity instead of at the altar of greed and selfish gain. But resistance to the waves of change set in motion by that transformational impulse was enormous and continues to be for many reasons, but none more simple than this: True transformation requires a real change of heart—change that translates into action. But hearts change very, very slowly. And as the waves of change took on greater and greater strength, the resistance to those changes took on equal strength, solidifying into the Silent Majority, a majority that went on to ossify in the evangelical ethos of Christian Fundamentalism, a culture that for the most part eschews science and embraces literalism. It’s the antidote to imagination.

The Silent Majority reared its head once again on Election Day 2016 and once again registered its resistance to change. Much has been written about the reasons for this resistance, most of them accurate assessments of the conditions giving rise to Trump’s success. But I’m not sure I could explain those reasons to a child who only wants to know why her lesbian aunt is afraid of being bullied or abused, or why her best friend is constantly harassed for wearing a hijab, or why her African American next-door neighbor moved away because crosses were burned on the front lawn. I don’t think a child would understand that we are in throes of a huge cultural and political backlash as white people make a last-ditch attempt to hold some ground. I’d rather say to that child: “Don’t worry. Sauron has taken over and it’s going to be a while before Frodo and the Fellowship can figure out how to get the ring to Mt. Doom.” Unfortunately, it’s not that simple and neither was Frodo’s and Sam’s journey across the desolation of Mordor—something children will also intuitively understand.

We are a Fellowship of conscious human beings and the question we face all around the world is this: How do we find and maintain a view that will allow us to take a stand for what we know to be true, without fear of reprisal and without losing hope in the goodness of our fellow travelers?

Every sentient being deserves to be cared for and respected regardless of gender, race, religion, age, or country of origin. Social justice is love at the collective level. Understanding that love and knowing its value is the precious gold of all the hard work that’s been done by all the generations before us. But there is still hard work to do if we are to make the world a better place for everyone. And now the wisdom of social justice must include the very people who reject it—all the people who feel left out and lost in the despair of social and cultural isolation in a world that has changed too rapidly for them to keep up. No matter how hard they try, the world will never be white again. Nothing is as it once was, and the fear that petrified them into a voting block will cause great and destructive harm to everyone. But they don’t see that yet. They do not understand the consequences of their choices They will find out soon enough. Unfortunately, the rest of us also have to live with those consequences.

So each of us must figure out how to handle the coming difficulties. This is not about passive acceptance of the new order. It is also not about violence. The solutions are likely to be about education, so contemplate where your efforts will be best spent. It may be a picket line or a march, running for local office, or volunteering to teach. Just be aware that no one is going to come up with a one-size-fits-all solution—fifty million hearts are a lot of hearts and not every heart will welcome change. But many people will soon regret their decision to vote their anger because they won’t get their jobs back and they will lose what little support might have been possible through their government.

Those who truly want to be of service will need to put the I-told-you-so attitude aside. A superior, punishing tone won’t change anything. We are neither victims nor victimizers. We are agents of change. And as many of us know, compassion is the best antidote to fear. Compassion is never about permission. You can be compassionate and still take a stand against injustice—actually, compassion is a stand against injustice. So when you can—and in many cases it won’t be easy—apply kindness. We are still all in this together.

Sun Bursts: If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that too.

Aries March 21-April 19
The Uranus/Pluto cycle included both your desire to be unique as well as your desire to be taken seriously. Sometimes these yearnings can be at odds with one another, especially if you’re bucking the status quo, and other times, these intentions work well. What’s important about this phase is learning when it’s appropriate to assert yourself and when it’s appropriate to let go and allow situations to unfold at their own pace.

Taurus April 20-May 20
The friction produced during this Uranus/Pluto cycle has required you to contemplate what’s spiritually true for you. Part of that process has created deep uncertainty, yet there have been many opportunities to get better in touch with your internal patterns, both spiritual and psychological. Continue to let this process stimulate honest introspection and you’ll continue to gather greater inner strength.

Gemini May 21-June 21
The challenge is not letting anyone or anything interfere with a good attitude toward self-improvement. So even if significant others are grousing about all the things that are wrong, pay them no mind. Lots of people need to vent right now, and the key to not being infected with negativity is holding fast to what you know is good for you. Those you love will eventually come around.

Cancer June 22-July 22
The Uranus/Pluto squares challenged how you handle relationships, both personal and professional. Some facets of this challenge have been extremely beneficial: You’ve taken responsibility for habits that out lived their usefulness. At other times, reaching for a new approach meant saying goodbye when you didn’t want to. The good news is that you are also finding creative ways to deepen intimacy with significant others.

Leo July 23-August 22
The Uranus/Pluto cycle demanded a greater awareness of all the ways you honor life itself and serve others. This is not a particularly easy process for you, dear Leo, given that your main point of interest is self-expression. But if you think about it deeply, when you are happiest is when you are being generous with others, sharing the warmth and light of the Sun and encouraging others to do the same.

Virgo August 23-September 22
The Uranus/Pluto squares catalyzed a tremendous phase of personal transformation, and regardless of what’s going on in the world, you’ve been given many opportunities to shift into new and dynamic methods of personal growth. Continue to explore your options but be sure to always include creative self-expression as one of the best tools for self-awareness.

Libra September 23-October 22
I know you already know this from the inside out, but it still needs to be said: The Uranus/Pluto squares have been all about (and almost only about) relationships, especially revolutionizing not just interactions with significant others but also catalyzing a revolution in how you relate to yourself. Continue to explore where you might still be holding onto patterns that no longer serve, and when you find them say Bye-bye.

Scorpio October 23-November 21
The Uranus/Pluto cycle rearranged your picture of daily reality as well as how you express yourself in the regular routines of life. That may not sound dramatic to you but it translates into a deep process of integration because in order for you to be effective during this phase, you’ve had to transform how you relate to the world around you. So take a deep breath and continue to work on aligning thought, word and deed.

Sagittarius November 22-December 21
Yes, the Uranus/Pluto cycle is about resources, and yes again, money has been a big part of this process. But at a much deeper level, you’ve also been exploring your other resources—body, mind, and spirit. With intention (rather than luck), you’ve been learning to know yourself as your greatest resource. Allow this process of self-awareness and continue building self-esteem and self-confidence.

Capricorn December 22-January 19
The Uranus/Pluto cycle focused on how to assert your personal power and get your personal needs met, and while part of this process has been quite disturbing as well as disruptive, it has also been quite valuable, especially if you’ve come to appreciate the depth of your strength and determination. Stay focused on what matters to you and you will continue to use this phase well.

Aquarius January 20-February 18
The friction generated by the Uranus/Pluto squares has necessitated a deep internal exploration, and there were many times you wanted to you wanted to call “time out” and jump ship. But there have also been times when your mind exploded with new information that provided penetrating insights into yourself and your fellow travelers. Keep pushing the boundaries of your known world and you’ll be amazed at your progress.

Pisces February 19-March 20
The Uranus/Pluto challenge has been finding a community of shared values—and it hasn’t been easy. I’m not suggesting you join a cult, but I am advising you to be clear with yourself about what matters most. Have the courage to let go of what was once meaningful but no longer is, and you’ll make room for a wide range of new ideals that will help you find what you’re looking for.

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This article was originally published on November 18, 2016.