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The Aquarium Age: May 4-10

By Ralfee Finn

It’s a complex week, with no specific guidelines nor hard and fast rules to manage the ins and outs of daily life. Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are all retrograde, and the regular routines that normally dictate the ebb and flow of activities all seem to be a little leaky with detours, delays, distractions, and an overabundance of obstacles that make staying on track a challenge. The tried and true advice about this retrograde aggregation, especially when it comes to Mercury and Mars, is to steer clear of new endeavors and to concentrate instead on refining what’s already in motion. Clear, although standard guidance.

(More about this below.)

But this week, several interactions challenge normal retrograde behavior.

(1) Today, the Moon, in Aries, is conjunct Uranus, also in Aries, and both form a wide but nevertheless active square to Pluto. This is a normally emotionally volatile combination, and because we are in the Retro-Zone, much of what erupts and breaks the skin of polite interactions is likely to be related to grievances rooted in unresolved issues from the past two years of upheaval. Contrary to the standard retrograde wisdom of “patience, patience, patience,” strong impulses to move into action are hard to ignore. Yes, this need to act can be seen as resolving situations already in motion.

(2) The conundrum of the week, however, is the new Moon on May 6, with its call to action. New Moons are always about new beginnings, and this new Moon, in Taurus, is almost impossible to ignore because it occurs in a trine to Jupiter, in Virgo, and a trine to Pluto, in Capricorn—all Earth Signs, all aligned in a powerful configuration known as a Grand Trine in Earth. All Grand Trines are good, but this Grand Trine is a truly positive influence for getting things done. But that’s not all.

(3) The new Moon is also conjunct that retrograde Mercury, and Mercury’s “backward” glance is at odds with the full thrust of the new Moon, making efforts to get something started feel more like two-steps- forward-and-one-step-back. It’s a frustrating rhythm that’s certain to propel some into major or minor meltdowns.

Recently, someone shared a post on Facebook about the “gloom and doom” that astrologers put forth about retrogrades. The writer was complaining about reading the same old advice and warnings, refurbished and reworked every time Mercury goes retrograde, and suggesting instead that astrologers adopt a more adaptive and positive attitude. My first reaction was to think: “Wow…I’ve been doing this so long that I have become the establishment. Yikes!” Then, as I brooded over this comment a little longer, I realized that it had touched a deep nerve about astrological wisdom:

Mercury Retrograde is probably the one astral occurrence that gets people who generally don’t pay attention to astrology to pay attention. It is the new urban sky myth, taking its place alongside Saturn Returns and even surpassing them in popularity and general awareness. Mercury Retrograde made me an astrologer when I realized its effect was simply undeniable. But as I have written many, many times, Mercury Retrograde is not the devil, and during Mercury Retrograde, life goes on. Does the world continue to function when Mercury is retrograde? Of course it does. Do we all get on with our lives during Mercury Retrograde? Of course we do. It’s just that functioning and getting on takes extra effort, especially when normally easy things become a gigantic pain in the ass. And you definitely need a good sense of humor to make it through.

The Internet creates the same problem for astrology as cable created for news networks: Its 24/7 cycle needs content—and lots of it. And astrology columns (like my own) or proliferating blogs about the stars and planets present the same conundrum facing early cable content: If you don’t have something to say, you simply have to make it up to fill in the space, particularly because content is devoured almost immediately. I’m not sure what the solution is to this content problem other than for readers to develop a discerning mind that can identify what’s valuable and reliable information. On one hand, it’s simply fantastic that everyone has a platform. On the other, not all that glitters is gold.

This week, as you wrestle to find and maintain a balance between the slo-mo rewind of Mercury Retrograde and the dynamic power of the Grand Trine in Earth, pay attention to what’s flourishing, and notice how you handle obstacles and interference. As always, be kind to your fellow travelers. Don’t kick the dog or scream at the cat because the wifi doesn’t work. Don’t blame the barista because you actually didn’t order the right brew. Simply be as patient as possible.

Sun Bursts: If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that too.

Aries March 21-April 19
You can frame it as a money-making opportunity or as a chance to solidify your self-esteem and self-confidence. Either way, it’s a question of value and resources. Stay present and do your best not to abandon yourself or others because the problems seem unsurmountable. They are not, and you will eventually prosper.

Taurus April 20-May 20
Try to contextualize your situation as a positive identity crisis that requires you to be confident and humble at the same time. This is not an easy stance to hold, but you’re definitely up to the challenge, especially if you’re willing to let go of the need to create a specific outcome.

Gemini May 21-June 21
You’re dreaming big—and those expansive visions are completely in keeping with your desire to turn the wheel of your life in a new creative direction. You probably won’t be able to implement all your ideas at once, but that’s no reason to discard your plans completely. Use this time to create a strategy that will help you stay on course.

Cancer June 22-July 22
You have a great opportunity to dial-in community as you simultaneously dial-up your participation in meaningful conversations with significant friends and family members. Make the most of this moment by speaking and listening from the heart—what you hear will motivate you to make important changes.

Leo July 23-August 22
Despite the Retro-Zone caveats, this is a great time to put forth your creative ideas or to continue working on creative projects in need of your attention. Do not hold back—use the Grand Trine in Earth Signs to promote your vision. And even if you don’t see immediate results, trust your intention and persist in your efforts.

Virgo August 23-September 22
This is the perfect moment to adjust your attitude so you can channel your enthusiasm through positive motivation. Even if you run into critics, nags or naysayers, don’t fixate on the possibility of negative results. I’m not advising you to be deaf to wise words that foster improvement; I’m simply suggesting you accentuate the positive.

Libra September 23-October 22
The odds are in your favor, especially when it comes to standing on solid ground within yourself and gaining greater insight into your motivations for personal growth. This stability also extends to external home improvements, although it’s not wise to begin extensive renovations until after we leave the Retro-Zone.

Scorpio October 23-November 21
The emphasis on partnerships continues, but this week the potential for heartfelt conversations with significant others takes center stage. Don’t hesitate to share your feelings, but more importantly, listen carefully to the feelings of others. Much will be revealed and much can be healed if you are able to listen with an open heart and an open mind.

Sagittarius November 22-December 21
Read Aries and Leo above, and then add this: Rather than succumb to the slog of the Retro-Zone, focus on what you would like to create. Rather than dismiss the details, delve into them. There are plenty of opportunities for you to turn your week toward financial rewards, especially if you are willing to work hard.

Capricorn December 22-January 19
It’s your choice: Feel confident and clear within your existing belief systems or push the envelope and explore new ideas. This isn’t about discarding your understanding of how the world turns nor despairing that the greater Reality behind everyday reality will always remain a mystery. It’s about having the courage and curiosity to grow.

Aquarius January 20-February 18
Take that long-needed stretch and let your system unwind—it’s been a long haul and you finally have a moment to relax. Don’t worry that you’ll miss something important if you let yourself rest. The hubbub and the brouhaha will be there when you return, and with enough rest you’ll be able to discern what matters and focus your time and energy appropriately.

Pisces February 19-March 20
It’s an opportune tender moment that permits you to open your heart to yourself and to others without fear of being criticized for your sensitivities. It isn’t often that you can not only share your emotions easily but also have those feelings acknowledged and respected by those who matter. Make the most of it by being honest and loving.

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This article was originally published on May 5, 2016.