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The Aquarium Age: Feb. 17-23

By Ralfee Finn

Set your internal compass on “true you” and get ready for another week of transition, another week of astral winds powerful enough to blow even the most steadfast off track. But don’t worry—only the blowhards will blow too hard. What’s more, these are not pernicious winds, although some might attempt to harness their power for ruthless purposes. These winds are simply strong, and handling their strength skillfully takes clear vision coupled with strong determination to move toward specific goals. Fortunately, stamina and endurance are part of the planetary mosaic which makes staying on track a bit easier.

If you don’t have plans or goals you want or need to meet, you can also use the power of this week to replenish and restore your reservoirs of strength and endurance on every level—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Authenticity is the key to navigating the week. So figure out what that means to you and then be as genuine as possible in every situation and every encounter.

The strength of the week comes from several signatures. First, Saturn continues its wide trine to Uranus. Interactions between Saturn and Uranus tend to signal times that challenge the status quo—their recent opposition from 2008-2010 certainly did just that. Saturn symbolizes structure. Uranus signifies sudden and unforeseen developments, and even though the current alliance between Saturn and Uranus is positive, it is still about the dissolution of systems that no longer serve. You only have to watch the presidential candidates debate—especially the Republicans—to see just how much has already dissolved. (William F Buckley and Barry Goldwater must be in turning over in their graves.) And don’t misunderstand: Some things need to dissolve—quickly—if we are to improve the present state of the planet and its remaining species, including humans. Unfortunately, the process of dissolution is often debilitating to witness. It simply hurts the heart to see so much suffering and so much resistance to providing the necessary remedies.

Another source of strength and stamina is the sextile between Mars and Jupiter. This positive combination produces an active environment that’s infused with a desire for accomplishment, making it easy to pursue ambitions. But you don’t have to want success to make good use of this configuration. It also supports getting things organized and prioritized, things that have nothing to do with ambition and accomplishment, things like cupboards, closets, and digital calendars that just don’t seem to work. We’ve been under this Mars/Jupiter influence since February 4, and I, for one, will be sad to see it go, if only because it’s been such a beneficial ally.

Also this week, a Mercury/Venus conjunction supports a deep appreciation of beauty, especially when it comes to ways in which the mind works to appreciate abstract concepts. Also, because this conjunction occurs in Aquarius, some may be drawn to quirky as well as whimsical creative choices. Remember, this is the week to be true to yourself, and if striped neon leggings are your first choice, don’t be shy.

Jupiter and Pluto are closing in on their trine, which is exact on March 16, and as they close the distance, many will be inclined to flex power muscles. For some, this dynamic duo offers positive support for spiritual progress; for others, this trine supports the urge to exploit others for selfish purposes. Hmmm…. I guess we’ll be able to watch this one play out on TV as the candidates close in on the primaries and their desire to lead the free world.

I haven’t talked about the election in this column yet, mostly because a lot of it is too bizarre to delve into. A couple of elections ago, probably the second election for George W, I wrote about politics from an astrological perspective and a reader admonished me for mixing astrology with politics. I wrote back to her and said, “Let’s be clear: Astrology has always been a part of politics.” Think ancient Rome—and then think about choosing a good day to knock off a Senator. As long as there are predictions to be made about the powerful and the would-be powerful, there will be astrologers looking at the portents and making choices. But what’s more interesting at the moment is how the current candidates exemplify the zeitgeist, which is now too big to just be one thing. The right wing, the left wing, the moderate, the young, the old, and all the people of every race and religion and sexual orientation—everyone has a point of view and wants to be heard. All of which is great except there is no consensus about what might be best for all of us. Peace, shelter, food, education, safety, clean water, clean air, and of course, love immediately come to mind as best choices for everyone, but our differences continue to blind many to our common needs and shared reality.

But just because some are blind or oblivious doesn’t mean all must be. Do your part this week to remember that we are all in this together. As you attempt to be true to yourself, simultaneously honor the authenticity of others.

Sun Bursts: There are no Sun Bursts this week; they will return next week.

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This article was originally published on February 17, 2016.