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The Aquarium Age: August 2012

By Ralfee Finn

Going to extremes.
—by Ralfee Finn

Not only are we in the wake of July’s astral disturbances. We are also approaching an equally difficult September. And because the space in between—the days and nights of August—unfold along busy, diverse, and non-linear pathways, many of us are likely to find ourselves, or others, going to extremes.

Be prepared for stark contrasts. Several of this month’s planetary patterns are invigorating, others are enervating, and the difference between these two levels of vitality could wreak havoc on nervous systems, especially if you tend toward spending your reserves. Time signatures are also slightly wacky. Don’t be surprised if one minute your feet feel firmly planted in the here and now, and the next, you’re catapulted into the past or projected into the future.

Very little of August occurs along a straight line of reliable routines, and that erratic pulse can cause psychic dislocation to be a real hazard, especially as hearts and minds struggle to navigate myriad detours, diversions and digressions. The ability to make adjustments in the moment—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually—is the key to successfully finding your way through the seeming chaos. Do whatever it is you do to stay flexible and aware, and you’ll find it much easier to stay present in the midst of August’s intensity.

All month long, a Sun/Mars sextile, a potent positive alliance, supports enterprise and endeavor. The Sun signifies spirit. Mars represents ambition. And when they work together, we experience the enthusiasm to embrace life, fully. The Sun is in Leo, the fiery sign of creativity, and Mars is in Libra, the sign of relationship. Expect much of the inherent exuberance and passion of this sextile to translate into dynamic interactions with significant others, personal and professional. From Aug. 10-25, a Sun/Saturn sextile amplifies the serious side of those alliances. For those not spending the Sun/Mars/Saturn energy on partnerships, this entire bundle also has the power to sustain the determination as well as the discipline to focus on the smallest details necessary to see a job through to completion.

But there is a hitch: From August 6-August 24, a Mars/Saturn conjunction, in Libra, turns some relationship interactions slightly more stern than they might need to be. Saturn symbolizes the critical eye, which often manifests as a tendency to find the flaw. Unfortunately, when Saturn shares the same space with Mars, we tend to feel its influence as a judgmental viewpoint that always finds and focuses on the flaw—a gaze that inhibits the free flow of creativity. From a positive perspective, this conjunction provides the potential to focus one’s efforts on a particular project with indefatigable concentration. Pre­cision flourishes under this influence. But excellence is never a valid excuse for cruelty toward others.

Most of us will experience this Mars/Saturn conjunction as a test of nerves or an ordeal of frustration, especially immediately before and after August 15, when the conjunction is exact and separating. When­ever a powerful configuration separates, we tend to feel the full brunt of its force. Make an extra effort to avoid violence or mean-spirited behavior of any kind. Don’t kick the dog, pull that cat’s tail, or barrage a loved one with words you’re certain to regret the moment they are said.

Also be aware, we’re in the final leg of Saturn’s transit through Libra, a journey that began in October 2009 and ends on October 5, when Saturn enters Scorpio. This is the last Mars/Saturn conjunction to occur in Libra for the next nearly 30 years. Handle it wisely by honoring all your relations.

Fortunately, a Sun/Jupiter/ Uranus combination mitigates the potential bitterness of Mars/Saturn by generating an optimistic air and encouraging positive and hopeful alliances. This is a convivial, humorous and inventive planetary combination that can be put to good use finding solutions for almost every stuck and stymied situation. From Aug. 1-19, a Jupiter/Uranus sextile supports a clear perspective, capable of encompassing the biggest possible picture, as it simultaneously evaluates the consequences of certain choices; this is the astral signature that allows you to look before you leap.

That clarity softens the edge of a Sun/Uranus trine that operates during the first week of the month. Sun/Uranus interactions feed the need to break free from whatever enslaves, and rebels with and without causes hear its call and move into action. This should come as no surprise, as rebellion increasingly challenges the status quo all around the world. The good news is that from Aug. 1-10, a Sun/Jupiter sextile has the power to turn protests positive as well as effective through a genuine, unselfish concern for others.

More good news: Mercury goes direct on August 8, and as the planet of language and communication gains forward momentum, it joins with Jupiter and Mercury, amplifying a positive mindset. From August 13-22, a Mercury/Uranus trine increases an aptitude for free thinking as it simultaneously enhances the gift for gab—everyone has the potential for more than a fair share of the blarney. And there’s more. From the 16-27, a Mercury/Jupiter sextile will fuel bloggers across the universe to share opinions on every subject.

The Sun enters Virgo on August 22, a move that substantially alters attitudes and perceptions, when it immediately forms an opposition to Neptune, in Pisces. A Sun/Neptune opposition inclines psyches toward a deep susceptibility to suggestion. Pay attention: Personal as well as political promises made under this influence appeal more to fantasy than to fact. Listen carefully to what’s being said, and if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
A Sun/Pluto trine also begins on August 22, stimulating a desire for power, individual and collective. The good news is that this is a positive contact that stimulates innovative, creative power that expresses itself in a multitude of ways from the physical to the metaphysical. This trine lasts until September 6.

To an untrained eye, August’s multidimensional mosaic might resemble a display of celestial anarchy. But a more precise look makes it possible to identify essential themes, which might provide a sense of order. We also need to remember that what happens in August sets the stage for the second exact Uranus/Pluto square in September; as we move closer to that contact, many of us are likely to feel increased anxiety. Specific to our personal situations or only nonspecific against the backdrop of world events, it matters not. Most of us will feel the intensity intensify, making it all the more important to remember to be kind and caring toward our fellow travelers. In most instances, it’s the only way to make a real difference in the lives of those we love. 

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This article was originally published on July 30, 2012.