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The Aquarium Age: Apr. 9-15

By Ralfee Finn

The veils between the universes grow increasingly thin this week, and as this transparency clarifies what was previously hidden, we have almost too many opportunities to witness what’s already in motion. Too many simply because it’s possible to view both the causes and the conditions, negative as well as positive, and it takes a clear mind to maintain such discernment. From now until the beginning of May, astral activity allows a lucid view of how the past intersects with the present to create the future. Pay attention: It’s important to walk between these many worlds carefully, not because the path is particularly dangerous—although some will say it is—but because during times such as these, the gods have little tolerance for hubris, and an arrogant misstep could take a long time to repair.

Several events give rise to these thinning veils. First, there is a lunar eclipse on April 15; next, we are approaching the fifth exact Uranus/Pluto square on April 21, which forms a powerful Grand Cardinal Cross; and a solar eclipse on April 29 puts a period at the end of a very long paragraph of celestial intensity. Each of these occurrences is potent on its own, but as they overlap, they coalesce into a unique signature that portends extreme change. Consider the last several weeks as basic training, and the next several weeks as actual engagement, but not necessarily with an external enemy; internal enemies often wield more power than we would like to admit. And most importantly keep in mind that for many of us, the current configurations are beneficial and positive—even if they don’t look that way—because tremendous creative energy is embedded in their potency. But for most of us, finding and using this creative current means putting pride aside; you need to be willing to have a beginner’s mind, a mind uncluttered and unfettered by assumptions, as well as an attitude unsullied by entitlement.

As many of you know, the intensity of daily life has been gathering momentum as we’ve been approaching the fifth exact Uranus/Pluto square on April 21. For those of you new to this information, we are currently in a series of seven Uranus/Pluto squares that began in June 2012 and ends in March 2015. The April 21 square is the most confrontational in this series because it constellates as a Cardinal Grand Cross. The square between Uranus, in Aries, and Pluto, in Capricorn, is joined by Jupiter, in Cancer, as it squares Uranus and opposes Pluto; Mars, retrograde in Libra, simultaneously opposes Uranus as it squares Jupiter and Pluto. Mars, Uranus, and Pluto all symbolize energy. Mars is physical force. Uranus signifies the instability, as well as the suddenness of change. Pluto represents transformation at the core, and its presence is always indicated by death and rebirth. As these planets join forces, many of us are likely to experience surprising, startling, and in certain instances, life changing events with immediate effects. Jupiter amplifies the entire bundle, a role that is certain to escalate and accelerate what already feels overwhelming.

But it is the Moon that sets the tone for understanding at least a small portion of how this Grand Cardinal Cross plays out. (Even though the Moon is not involved by the exact degree on the day of the actual event I would argue that it participates directly in triggering the square. See below.) On April 14, just prior to the lunar eclipse, the Moon opposes Uranus and conjuncts Mars. Anticipate mood swings, lots of them, yours and others’, and pay careful attention to children, young and old; this interaction could spark issues that have the power to ignite bonfires over the coming weeks. Lunar eclipses put the emphasis on practical matters, and given the “me” concerns of Aries versus the “our” concerns of Libra, relationships are sure to be focus of this eclipse, especially what and whose needs are the most important to acknowledge.

The next “phase” of the Moon, relative to the Grand Cross on April 21, occurs on April 20, as the Moon, in Capricorn, conjuncts Pluto, squares both Mars and Uranus, and opposes Jupiter, in Cancer. And this is when circumstances, especially those held together by desire, insistence, or will power, start to unravel. The presence of the Moon amplifies the emotional component of every situation that is already at risk for destabilization. Be prepared for meltdowns, again, yours or others’, as the need to hold on to certainty strains against the inexorable forces of change. Be aware, this square is about catalyzing stagnation; it’s not about disruption simply for drama’s sake.

April 20 will move into April 21 and while I’ve watched and written about this day, I am still uncertain about whether it will manifest as an actual event or if all the things that are already occurring are the myriad manifestations of this potent Cardinal Grand Cross. What’s more, I am beginning to think that the deeper quality of this fifth square speaks to millions of personal revolutions, tiny tsunamis of consciousness that will eventually combine into a sum that is greater than its parts. This is, after all, how a true revolution occurs—one heart at a time.

But the effect of the Grand Cross won’t end on April 21. When tight astrological formations separate, the tension releases and that means the weeks following April 21 are as intense as those leading up to it, if not more intense. On April 27, the Moon conjuncts Uranus, in Aries, forming an opposition to Mars, and a square to Jupiter and Pluto. (Yes…the beat goes on.) Expect this new iteration to engender even more conflict, and this time the emphasis is once again on individual needs and how to get them met, especially the need for personal freedom in relationships of every denomination.

The solar eclipse on April 29 occurs at 8 degrees Taurus, well beyond the range of any of the planets still separating out of the Grand Cross. But that doesn’t mean we won’t still be feeling its effect. During a solar eclipse, unconscious concerns, symbolized by the Moon, overshadow conscious concerns, symbolized by the Sun, and as a consequence, feelings previously held in denial rise to the surface of daily activity. Frankly, it’s hard to imagine that anything would be left unsaid by the end of this month, but some of us are better at silence than others. And some of us take longer to process what we are feeling than others. What’s more, because the effect of an eclipse is often felt several weeks before or after the actual event, many of those suppressed feelings are likely to have already surfaced. What the solar eclipse might trigger are responses to what has transpired.

For all those people who couldn’t help but take action last week, don’t worry; the opportunities to apply discernment continue to be plentiful. For those of you who were able to take no unnecessary action, and are continuing to apply the Taoist notion of wu wei…congratulations. Restraint is never easy, especially now, when the urge to act is its own reason to be.

This week, do your best to witness while you work. Remember, this is a powerful time to view the multidimensional nature of existence. It is also a powerful time to let go of negative patterns that no longer serve. To all the people choking on the bitterness of the past, let it go—do not let the sludge of a grudge continue to fester in your system. Bitterness is an expensive habit; it costs you family, friends, and the freedom to stand in the world unencumbered by negativity. For those of you who are embracing the idea of non-attachment as a solution to the intensity of the days and nights, keep practicing. Refuse to cling to a small perspective, and instead, reach for the broadest possible worldview. Most importantly, try to be kind to your fellow travelers. We are all in this together, and everyone is actually doing their best to make it through these waves of change.

There are no individual Sun Sign blurbs this week. They will return next week—and they will be plentiful.

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This article was originally published on April 10, 2014.