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The Aquarium Age: Apr. 30 – May 8

By Ralfee Finn

The astral force field of the last several weeks is finally starting to loosen its magnetic grip, and as the Grand Cardinal Cross pulls apart and the tension inherent in that configuration starts to let go, lots of things—thoughts, feelings, words, and choices—are certain to let loose. As we experience restraints releasing, practicing wu wei –the Taoist practice of no unnecessary action—quickly becomes a thing of the past (which is a pity because it is a powerful remedy for reactive patterns no matter what the astral weather). As the week unfolds, certainty replaces anxiety, and because many of us will be feeling a call to action, the desire to “do” overrides the caution and consciousness of more mindful responses.

Pay attention: Relationships, personal as well as professional, already suffering from the stress and strain of recent weeks, aren’t likely to have the capacity to endure one more moment of additional tension. And that fatigue could cause many to overreact, turning the simplest of exchanges into a nuclear meltdown. Patience is a necessary virtue this week—and patience will not be easy to hold onto because as the need to act swells with strength, it collides with an equally strong opposing force. Mars is preparing to go direct. But unfortunately Mars has its own timetable, and this is just week one of a 3-4 week phase, and this week, Mars is only beginning its preparations. Which is why it would be wise to take baby steps, trusting that no matter how slow things seem to come together you will eventually find your pace, hit your stride and reach your goal.

Mars, by its nature, is a forward moving astrological force. It’s been in Libra since December 7 and leaves Libra on July 25. This is a long time for Mars to journey through a Sign; it usually transits a Sign for approximately six or seven weeks. What’s made this transit through Libra so long is a retrograde phase that began on March 1 and ends on May 19. Don’t get too excited—it going to take Mars more than a moment to gather forward momentum. What’s more, as Mars prepares to make its “course correction” it almost stands still. Of course, that’s not physically possible, but daily life is sure to feel sluggish and stalled. As this slow down meets the “OMG…we’re out of the Grand Cross elation” frustration is probable. Do your best not to take it out on your fellow travelers, who are also feeling these contradictory planetary pulses. A word of caution: Mar is still pulling away from Pluto and Uranus, and even as it turns around and then goes forward, it stays within close reach of this Uranus/Pluto square. All of which translates into an ongoing volatile signature. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself caught in an “it’s on/it’s off” again pattern, unable to stay or go from any number of difficult situations.

A Sun/Pluto provides plenty of positive support energy as well as the stamina to tackle almost any project. Aim this powerful influence at situations requiring physical strength and you’re apt to get a lot done despite these Martian obstacles.

It’s a good week to take a deep breath that allows you to observe and assess just where you are and how you got here. The solar eclipse on April 29 is sure to have brought to light themes and issues that may have otherwise stayed hidden from view. Perhaps you’ve discovered that you’ve been lost in projection. Or uncovered hidden intentions, yours or others’, that are finally on the surface of your exchanges, a revelation that allows you to realize that you aren’t crazy and you weren’t just “making it up.” Whatever information is coming to light, positive or negative, simply consider that better informed is better informed—and with all the cards on the table you can make better, more informed choices. Above all, try to be as kind as possible to your fellow travelers. This leg of the journey has been a hard one for most of us, especially children who have little or no agency and are subject to the whims and will of their parents.

There are no individual Sun Sign blurbs this week.

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This article was originally published on May 2, 2014.