That New Blog Smell…

By Adele Flail

Welcome to CATALYST’s shiny new art blog!

Every week I’ll be bringing you info about upcoming events and interesting happenings on the Salt Lake art scene, as well as studio tours, artist profiles, and reviews of events, galleries or on-going shows.

As an artist (or, more accurately, an artist-in-progress) I’m fascinated by the processes that lead to art-making—such as learning the craft, exploring ideas and developing a practice. In line with this, and with CATALYST’s mission to provide resources for creative living, I’ll also be highlighting classes, workshops, methods and ideas that artistically-inclined readers can use to enliven their own artistic practices, with occasional forays into aesthetics and art theory.

Check back on Monday for the week’s events, and get ready to enjoy some fresh local art.

This article was originally published on March 8, 2012.