City gardening: Should you be concerned?

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No! Just follow these simple rules (and always wash your produce!) The motivation for fresh, clean, organic food gets me out into the garden as soon as I’m off work, and often beforehand. The rewards of this lifestyle are many; the bounty of fresh, clean, organic produce is worth every drop of sweat. Keeping things […]

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SLC’s “Other” Community Garden

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The black cherry tomatoes are climbing the trellis of branches, growing an archway over the white wooden gate. The corn stalks are turning the color of the red rock slabs nearby that fit together with jigsaw puzzle perfection forming a snaking bench down the line of the street. The Swiss chard, half harvested, adds color […]

Putting the Garden to Bed

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There are still signs in my garden that tell of the once prolific abundance of food that grew there this summer. The long stalk of my black beauty zucchini, a four-foot long green boa constrictor with leafy appendages some reaching two feet across, displays dozens of stump scars where I severed the pulpy fruits from […]

Winter in the Henhouse

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Colorful, joyful, plucky little hens. The human-chicken relationship is an ancient coexistence, thought to have begun nearly 10,000 years ago. Across cultures and through the eons, chickens have been symbols of virility, mothering and fertility (as well as the national symbol of France). Roman armies used them as tellers of fortune: A hungry chicken assured […]

pioli seeds

Utah’s Mountain Valley Seed Company

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One night in 1974, a young man named Demetrios Agathangelides, a Greek immigrant who had studied agriculture in his home country, sat down at his kitchen table in his adopted home of Logan, Utah and pulled out a package of seeds. A plant geneticist at Utah State University, Agathangelides had been testing and researching high […]


Seeds & Sawdust: Urban Farm & Feed

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It’s been great to watch the fast growing locavore movement blossom here on the Wasatch Front. It has grown so much, in fact, that it’s getting hard to keep tabs on all the new restaurants, stores and organizations. By contrast, I remember the bleak old days—I mean like seven or eight years ago—when people thought […]

Let Them Eat Carp

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Before the well-known and respected Wasatch Community Gardens, which offers opportunities for people to learn about urban agriculture, there was Wasatch Fish and Gardens. For many of its founders—Patrick Poulin, Danny Potts, Nick Hershenow —the early-1980s project was inspired by their time in the Peace Corps, in places like Ecuador and Mali. The idea was […]



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Going to work to make money, driving to the grocery store and dealing with a terrible vibe and assault on the senses to buy a jar of salsa—that is a shit-ton of bleh,”says James Loomis, who with his wife Michelle and two kids has an urban homestead on 600 East in Salt Lake City’s Liberty […]

Proud Papa Fred

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Fred the gander has taken our two young goslings under his wing. With Ethel on the nest, it seems like he needs some kind of goosey relationship to feel complete. Ever since they were little fist-sized fuzz balls, Fred’s been interested in the peepers. He used to hassle Dorothy the mother hen and try to […]

Come meet the Windsor Street flock!

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You’ve read about them. You’ve watched them grow up from tiny little bobble-headed peepers into egg-laying, kiddie-pool-swimming, midnight-honking backyard mobsters. You’ve even watched one of them wage mortal combat with a watering can. Now come meet the Windsor Street flock this Saturday 22nd June as a featured stop on the Wasatch Community Garden’s Urban Garden […]

Dorothy and the Goslings

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The goslings are growing bigger every day. We haven’t named them yet, though I have suggested calling them “Thanksgiving” and “Christmas.” Dorothy the hen is doing a great job of raising them. She sticks up for the little ones and flies in the face of the dogs or cat or geese when they get too […]

New arrivals!

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After months of worry and head-scratching and second- and third-guessing, not to mention a full year of eager anticipation, the day finally arrived last week: a pair of baby goslings hatched at our Windsor Street homestead.

Peepers on the way?

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Don’t hold your breath, but we might have some goslings soon. No. Really. Please don’t let us get you excited. We have no idea what we are doing here. There might not be goslings, but we are pretty sure that there are. Two.