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Reversing Global Warming: The Carbon Underground

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Since leading NASA scientist James Hansen warned in 2008 that we need to reduce the amount of CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere to 350 parts per million (ppm) in order to preserve life on Earth, little has been done to get us there. It’s getting late. If we’re going to preserve a livable Earth, we, […]


Seeds & Sawdust: Urban Farm & Feed

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It’s been great to watch the fast growing locavore movement blossom here on the Wasatch Front. It has grown so much, in fact, that it’s getting hard to keep tabs on all the new restaurants, stores and organizations. By contrast, I remember the bleak old days—I mean like seven or eight years ago—when people thought […]

Keep It Real

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While 16th century Christian Germans are usually credited with first hauling evergreenery indoors and decorating or celebrating it for spiritual purposes, the practice goes back many thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians, the Vikings of Scandinavia, the Early Romans and the Druids of Northern Europe and Britain all celebrated solstice-related events by honoring a living […]

Light Your Bike

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On a fine summer evening, I was riding behind my lovely girlfriend. No complaints about the view… But what I also noticed was how little I could actually see. She had a taillight, but it was a small one. With just a single point of light blinking, it was hard to see much of her […]

Let Them Eat Carp

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Before the well-known and respected Wasatch Community Gardens, which offers opportunities for people to learn about urban agriculture, there was Wasatch Fish and Gardens. For many of its founders—Patrick Poulin, Danny Potts, Nick Hershenow —the early-1980s project was inspired by their time in the Peace Corps, in places like Ecuador and Mali. The idea was […]



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Going to work to make money, driving to the grocery store and dealing with a terrible vibe and assault on the senses to buy a jar of salsa—that is a shit-ton of bleh,”says James Loomis, who with his wife Michelle and two kids has an urban homestead on 600 East in Salt Lake City’s Liberty […]

Solar Becomes More Affordable and Efficient

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When Doug Hasbrouck looks across his horse property in Riverton to his barn, he sees more than a place to keep hay and horses. He sees a powerhouse. The south side of his barn is bathed in sun, so in 2008 Hasbrouck outfitted the south roof with 18 200-watt solar panels and took energy production […]

Safety Solar

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The talk of the town may come at a price of $125 million, but the sun will pay some of it back. The new Public Safety Building will be the first in the country to hit net zero—generating as much energy as it consumes when complete. The project is part of Mayor Ralph Becker’s commitment […]