Sustainable weddings 101

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Eleven affordable ways to make your wedding better for the environment Weddings create waste. A lot of waste. According to Yale graduate and environmental law expert Kate Harrison, each wedding in the U.S. creates about 400 lbs. of waste and 63 tons of carbon dioxide. This means that with more than 2.2 million nuptials every […]

We have a food waste crisis

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Waste Solutions rescues healthy edible food Food insecurity, where a person is without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food, affects about 800 million people globally. More than 50 million Americans, including one in five children younger than five years old, are food insecure. Contrast this with the fact that approximately 40% […]

Earthships: Recycling at its finest

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Photos by Kari Larsen On a vast expanse of the northern New Mexico desert, just outside of Taos, lies a housing development like no other. Actually, “development” isn’t quite the word to use here as it implies an inherent conquest of the planet. No, here at the Greater World Community the homes seem not to […]

Putting waste to use: At Wasatch Resource Recovery, the inevitable detritus of our culture does not rot in vain

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Situated on a piece of land in North Salt Lake, abutted by a field of grazing cows, is a new player in the Zero Waste arena: Wasatch Resource Recovery. A public/ private venture with a 50/50 partnership between the South Davis Sewer District and Alpro Energy, Wasatch Resource Recovery (WRR) is the first anaerobic digester […]

The Just-Right, Real-Tight House

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The brains behind the eclectic structure going up on the site of the old T Street Market in the Avenues is ShruDeLi Ownbey, a woman so talented a teacher and harpist she twice received the Distinguished Teacher Award from the White House Commission on Presidential Scholars. But music is not Ownbey’s only passion. So is […]

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Living and Breathing in a ‘Black Swan’ World

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A Marine Corps friend of mine defines resilience as the ability to take a gut punch and come back swinging. More formally, it is said to be the capacity to maintain core functions and values in the face of outside disturbance. Either way, the concept is elusive, a matter of more or less, not either/or. […]

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Smart Farming

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With the exception of the Wasatch Front, where we get an average annual 16 inches of rainfall, Utah is a true desert with an annual average rainfall of 10 inches. This puts the state in a continual zero-sum tug-of-war with the powers of nature, more specifically the power of osmosis. The 1902 Reclamation Act guaranteed […]