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Last year, we sent out a call to our readers to nominate the people they felt have been catalysts within our community—those who have made

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Life Is But a Dream

  All human cultures have in common the urge to seek, understand, and utilize altered mental states. Our intellect and capacity for self-awareness provide our

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Surya Bastakoti

Natural in the Valley

When CATALYST magazine began, publishing in 1982, “natural” and “organic” were still considered hippy words—like peace, love, environment and all that other kooky stuff. In

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CATALYST Culinary Culture

Culture Reporter. Cross Pollinator. Change Agent—perfect terms to encapsulate 30 years of food reporting from a magazine that was deliberately christened “CATALYST.” It has been

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30 Years of Yoga in SLC

In writing this brief history of Salt Lake yoga, I’m relying on memory, CATALYST archives and a little help from some yoga friends. This is

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