Auto biography

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Conversation is more important than steering the beast Two months after I stopped driving, I decided I wanted to be a Lyft driver. I had taken Lyft a number of times and encountered a couple of interesting drivers. The first was an 80-year-old man who had retired but liked to drive, and to fish. He […]

Metaphors for the month

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Osho Zen Tarot: Trust, The Rebel, Compromise Medicine Cards: Porcupine Mayan Oracle: Universal Movement, Greater Cycles, Lamat Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Seven of Disks, The Hermit, Justice Aleister Crowley Deck: Sun, Queen of Wands, Hierophant, Completion Healing Earth Tarot: Ace of Rainbows, Grandfather of Feathers, Grandmother of Crystals Words of Truth: Guidance, Future, Sacrifice, Mastery, Fantasy […]