Pet food: a history | A conversation with Aspen Anderson, founder of Desert Raw Holistic Pet

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Many people are choosing cleaner, healthier foods these days. But what about their pets’ food? What’s really in it, beyond the cheerful labels? Aspen Anderson, founder of Desert Raw Holistic Pet, discovered the power of food after her six-year-old dog, Baxter, slowed down and started having digestive issues. Around that time, Anderson began working for […]

Insects — a sustainable food (good for vegans, too?)

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Insects, a source of complete proteins, iron and vitamin B12, have been in human diets around the world for centuries. In the last century the Western world began moving away from insects as a food source creating the current stigma against eating insects that most of us regard as natural. Yet as the population rises […]

New research: Certain lung cancers love sugar

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Recent research at the University of Texas at Dallas, with an American Lung Association grant, reveals that squamous cell carcinoma is uniquely addicted to sugar. It’s a sweet deal because, while great strides have been made over the years, the effects of conventional chemotherapies on this type of cancer cells has still been quite poor. […]

It’s time to nix tampons, invest in menstrual cups

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Ingredients used to make tampons are not regulated by the FDA. The cotton is typically bleached and not organic. This means you are inserting lists of unknown chemicals and toxins into your body. And you’ll absorb them. The lining of the vagina absorbs 10-80 times as much chemicals as the mouth does. If not wanting […]

Economic benefits of “active transportation”

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Government spending on walking and biking can have big paybacks in the form of health benefits, tourism, sales of goods and services, increased real estate values and greenhouse gas reduction, according to a study commissioned by the Utah Transit Authority (UTA). The study estimates that in 2015 the economic impact of cycling in Utah was […]


Comings & Goings: Holistic Health Practi­tion­er Diploma Program at Healing Mountain

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Much to current Healing Mountain Massage School students’ delight, Heal­ing Mountain Massage School (HMMS) rolled out a new 1,600-hour diploma program in April. The program emerged out of feedback from many students asking for a broader spectrum of training beyond massage therapy. Combining holistic health, Ayurveda, nutrition, massage therapy, yoga teacher training, reflexology and zone […]

Inglorious Nightshades

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Every once in a while, without warning, my joints and muscles would get stiff and ache once in a while. When that happened, I would stumble around for a few days and then the pain would go away. But in a couple days or a week, it would return. I was totally baffled. How could […]

Socially Responsible Beer Drinking

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In some circles, people wanting to avoid GMOs are being lumped together with climate deniers as enemies of science. So be it. I still want to know if my food has been genetically altered in a lab. Same goes for my beer. With­out any labeling requirements in the US, how do I know if my […]


Maybe It Is Your Thyroid

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In early 2012, something weird started to happen to my body. I’d never had the most steady health, but this was something new; I was completely, utterly exhausted, all the time. My muscles trembled with the slightest exertion, and my joints ached. Most of the time I was shivering cold, but occasionally I was running […]

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Your Brain on Altitude

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Depression and suicide are serious problems in Utah. In 2012, 545 Utahns took their own lives—more than the number of people who died in auto fatalities. We aren’t alone in this disturbing ranking; in fact, Utah is squarely in the middle of the USA’s “suicide belt”—a geographical area which encompasses the Intermountain West. Suicide rates […]


Go Drink a Glass of Water

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There is a phrase I learned as a wildland firefighter, “hydrate or die.” We said it to each other mostly in jest, though in the back of our minds we must have known that, in our line of work, it carried literal truth. Some of the men I worked with carried two gallons, 16 pounds, […]


Heroin and Ibogaine

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At the time of writing, the ibogaine had seemed to work. Guion’s story reported eight months of post-treatment sobriety. Her daughter had even begun making plans to travel and teach. But tempering the good news, Guion confronted the fact that addiction is also made up of people and habits and can rise up again if […]



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To get a sense of how popular kombucha is, you need to go no further than your local Whole Foods and see the many rows of various branded and flavored bottles of the probiotic tea, referred to by many as a healthy elixir. All of those bottles were shipped hundreds of miles to reach refrigerated […]