Insects — a sustainable food (good for vegans, too?)

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Insects, a source of complete proteins, iron and vitamin B12, have been in human diets around the world for centuries. In the last century the Western world began moving away from insects as a food source creating the current stigma against eating insects that most of us regard as natural. Yet as the population rises […]

New research: Certain lung cancers love sugar

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Recent research at the University of Texas at Dallas, with an American Lung Association grant, reveals that squamous cell carcinoma is uniquely addicted to sugar. It’s a sweet deal because, while great strides have been made over the years, the effects of conventional chemotherapies on this type of cancer cells has still been quite poor. […]

Nightshade Season

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Ah, the lovely tomato—so beautiful in its simplicity, elegance, versatility and nutrition. This is the garden prize we wait all summer for—whether we meticulously planted, fertilized and trained our plants on cages and twine, or we carefully select each fruit from our favorite growers at the farmers market. That first vine-ripe black krim or cuor […]

Inglorious Nightshades

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Every once in a while, without warning, my joints and muscles would get stiff and ache once in a while. When that happened, I would stumble around for a few days and then the pain would go away. But in a couple days or a week, it would return. I was totally baffled. How could […]

Ferments: Natural Ginger Ale

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Ferments seem to be the newest health craze. But the truth is they are a form of food preservation cultivated by our ancestors. Before the invention of refrigeration, there was fermentation. This was necessary to preserve the autumn harvest and supply food over long, arduous winters. Every culture across the globe has its unique form […]


Dining: Alice Lives Here

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I’ve never been to Chez Panisse. I’ve only read about it, imagined it. Its food is legendary, but just as vital as its revolutionarily simple yet divine menu is the philosophy of the great Alice Waters: from local farm to table with a focus on community. Bringing that philosophy to life in Salt Lake is […]

Putting the Garden to Bed

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There are still signs in my garden that tell of the once prolific abundance of food that grew there this summer. The long stalk of my black beauty zucchini, a four-foot long green boa constrictor with leafy appendages some reaching two feet across, displays dozens of stump scars where I severed the pulpy fruits from […]

Wine Collage 6

Smart Farming

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With the exception of the Wasatch Front, where we get an average annual 16 inches of rainfall, Utah is a true desert with an annual average rainfall of 10 inches. This puts the state in a continual zero-sum tug-of-war with the powers of nature, more specifically the power of osmosis. The 1902 Reclamation Act guaranteed […]


Live, Love, Laziz

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The Arabic word, Laziz, means tasty, enjoyable, and lighthearted. Derek Kitchen and Moudi Sbeity couldn’t have chosen a better word to label their brand of Middle Eastern spreads.


Ardean Watts: Porcini Patriarch

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A relaxing retirement is well earned by Ardean Watts. But he doesn’t seem keen on spending it reclined in an overstuffed chair. Watts, after all, has always been a man of activity and engagement. One of Salt Lake’s living institutions, Watts spent the greater part of his long life in this city nurturing and growing […]