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Failed Hatch

For those of you waiting for the news of our second hatching of goslings, we’re sorry to say that the goslings never made it.

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Proud Papa Fred

Fred the gander has taken our two young goslings under his wing. With Ethel on the nest, it seems like he needs some kind of

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Come meet the Windsor Street flock!

You’ve read about them. You’ve watched them grow up from tiny little bobble-headed peepers into egg-laying, kiddie-pool-swimming, midnight-honking backyard mobsters. You’ve even watched one of

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Dorothy and the Goslings

The goslings are growing bigger every day. We haven’t named them yet, though I have suggested calling them “Thanksgiving” and “Christmas.” Dorothy the hen is

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New arrivals!

After months of worry and head-scratching and second- and third-guessing, not to mention a full year of eager anticipation, the day finally arrived last week:

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Peepers on the way?

Don’t hold your breath, but we might have some goslings soon. No. Really. Please don’t let us get you excited. We have no idea what

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Screen Shot 2015 12 05 at 11.55.34 AM

Parent trap

I came home from work yesterday to find our goose and gander* wandering around the yard as if they didn’t have any obligations in the

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Big fat goose eggs!

Last week our littlest goose started hanging out in a corner of the yard – literally a corner between a fence, a shed, two cinderblock

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Cricket Walks Again

I thought you peeper fans out there might want an update on Cricket/Bumblefoot’s condition. A quick recap: Ben and I came back from a week-long

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