The Spirit in the Ink

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As far back as we have discovered preserved human skin, we have found evidence of tattooing. It has always been a means of establishing both cultural and individual identity, and often has been used as an approach to both mundane and spiritual power. Although the practice and art of tattoo have changed greatly as new […]

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Rain-Magic Rock Art of the Canyonlands Ancestors

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The wilderness art museums of southern Utah’s canyonlands offer the best of two worlds: the physical exhilaration of a great hike and the mental stimulation of meeting unusual works of art. No matter how much time one spends in the presence of prehistoric rock art, like any other art, it is never enough to comprehend […]

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March 2013 Arts Calendar

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March marks the beginning of the end of winter! As we bid adieu to the inversion, snowy conditions and icy roads, new opportunities for growth and self-discovery begin to appear. The brightening sky is the limit!  

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February 2013 Art Calendar

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If grey days and hideous plumes of smog are getting you down, CATALYST’s art picks for February may brighten you right up… can’t promise anything about the weezing though, so don’t forget your gas mask.

A Conversation, A Manifesto, An Experience

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Marilyn Arsem once stood in the rain holding 40 liters of peppermint ice cream for eight hours. Another time, she spent a day rolling in long strands of seaweed until her body was covered and entangled. Arsem is an American pioneer in performance art who has been teaching performance art at the School of the […]


Gallery Roll: September 2012

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Welcome to Gallery Roll—CATALYST’s bike-focused guide to Gallery Stroll, helping you spare your feet—and avoid the nightmare of downtown parking—while getting your art fix. Pump up your tires, tighten your dork-straps, and get ready to roll at 6 this Friday night. This week features an alliterative array of A+ gallerys and a jaunt down to […]


A History of CATALYST Covers

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The first thing people say when I tell them I am CATALYST’s art director is “How do you find those great covers?” Truth be told, they find me.Over the years we’ve been wrapped in the artwork of young (at the time) art students like David Habben and and Wendy Ajax; teachers like Susan Makov, François […]


Gallery Roll: July 2012

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Welcome to Gallery Roll—CATALYST’s bike-focused guide to Gallery Stroll, bringing you a route that spares your feet as you travel cross-town from highlight to highlight while avoiding the nightmare of downtown parking. Pump up your tires, tighten your dork-straps, and get ready to roll tomorrow night, Friday July 20 at 6PM. Route link after the […]

Artist Spotlight: Margaret Tarampi

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Margaret Tarampi’s work has aggressive, boundary-transgressing roots, infiltrating the rich soil of multiple disciplines and unfurling into something that owes a much to engineering and science as it does to the traditional concept of “art.” Originally from Pennsylvania, Tarampi graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a degree in architecture, studied for her master’s at Virginia Tech, […]

Art Happenings: Weekend Round-Up for June 15-17

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Don’t forget: it’s another beautiful Gallery Stroll Friday in SLC; check out the events below, as we help you get the arts fix you need to see yourself through the weekend.  A note about RAW Art: The last few months have been a testing period, and the blog will be taking a two-week break, but […]


June Art Calendar

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Art Festival Frenzy June is certainly the month for the arts in Utah, and we’re here to whip you up into an arts feeding frenzy with this month’s guide, whether you’re considering popping down to your local arts fest, or plan to go on a state-wide arts-related bender.