Sundance has ruined me for regular Hollywood lackluster blockbusters. For that matter its ruined me for almost everything that mainstream “Hollywood” puts out. When I say lackluster I mean lackluster like a chrome plated turd, where every good scene is in the trailer. The media hype might be there but most Hollywood product has been over-worked and retreaded to within a micron of its single-ply life.


I go to Sundance for the same reason I go to senior and graduate dance concerts at the University of Utah’s dance department. The ideas are fresh and cutting edge. In a sense Sundnce is pure Hollywood, but its cutting edge not trailing edge. Many of the films are one trick ponys. But if you catch it the first time its great. I’ll never forget catching the midnight showing of The Blair Witch Project a couple of years ago.


I don’t go to watch celebrities, or see whether black is back, or to follow the latest from some auter. For that matter if I've see the name more than three or four times I’ll give it a pass. I go because Sundance is probably the most important cultural event of the year in Utah. For that matter, when you consider that independent films may comprise the most incisive look at our culture, Sundance may be the most important culture event of the year. Period.