Stepping into Your Intuition by Cheryl Merz

By Margaret Ruth

I’ve had several people ask how to better access their connection to their higher selves and inner guidance. My client Cheryl Merz was kind enough to write up her insights and techniques for this and it is posted below. Thank you Cheryl! —Margaret Ruth

Stepping into Your Intuition: Lessons in reconnecting in an over/under/pseudo-connected world

by Cheryl Merz, Enchanted Eye

More and more, we find ourselves starting a task before the last one was complete. We get phone calls, emails, text messages, ideas, reminders and emergencies that are energetic detours with no warning. We’ve adapted to these events and no longer question the disruptions. The age of multi-tasking has expanded our capacity to respond to several stimuli at once and sets our sensory responses deeply in the physical world. Instead of looking into a pair of sparkling eyes or holding a hand, we tap away on a keyboard and LOL facing a light-emitting diode (LED).

As a self-proclaimed techo-junkie, I confess to this being a familiar and sometimes addictive subject. There are fabulous advantages to our age of social media and technology. You and I might never have met were it not for the beneficial nature of cyberspace. Used wisely, we have more resources at our fingertips than ever before. However, it cannot replace the power of spiritual connection, with other carbon based life forms, and with our instincts and spirits.

Connection with the physical world can become a superficial and disempowering connection when we lose contact with our spirit, our hearts, our internal GPS. Above all, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. When we detach from the spirit our body houses, we forget our purpose for living which is replaced with the first thing that grabs our attention.

When I remember that my purpose here is to universally serve the connection to spirit, I remember that I am alive and not a robot who fulfills the expectations of ego self and the outside world. Even as I click at the keyboard of the physical world, I feel spirit work through me in order to expand this movement of reconnection to you. In my work as a medium, I have the joy of reconciling emotions and events between the dimensions of life for my clients.

The capacity to visit the heart of spirit is the clearest path to reducing the everyday “noise” of distraction and increasing the serenity of connection. Remembering connection to spirit brings us closer to feeling pure Love. Simple isn’t always easy, until it is. Connection is a muscle that can be exercised and rebuilt.

The first step is a willingness for more: more peace, more connection, more calm in your being. Willingness is a request from your heart to the universe for more intuitive attention. For some of us, this is the biggest step we can take when facing a mountain of paperwork or a crying child. As we move into the task, we can say, “I am willing to connect with my spirit and my heart through this activity.” As we move into that activity, we can experience it as if it is the only undertaking there is to do. This might be a challenge in the beginning, given all the previously mentioned distractions. And, the muscle is strengthened with every moment you stay engaged with the task at hand. Comforting a child, reconciling a bank statement, completing the grocery shopping, when present focused, can be rewarding. Opportunities to serve spirit exist in every moment but are missed in the midst of hurry and rush. As we practice this more, there is an increased sense of aliveness, vitality and enthusiasm.

As awareness increases, the aptitude to sense communication from intuition and spirit amplifies. There are a variety of methods through which we sense messages. Thoughts, smells, visual images, sounds, light and temperature changes can represent a messenger seeking contact. Most people do not feel energy in all of these ways, but receive in a way that is most familiar and engaging to their unique being. Because these “spiritual signals” are generally subtle, an attentive state of presence is important to one seeking more interaction. There is much to be learned with the use of our intuition. It is not as important to know from where the information comes, as it is to know that it is there. Training the senses to feel what is being transmitted to us is just another movement to practice.

Interactions with spirit will increase as you intentionally create dialog. Asking questions and allowing time to either sit in meditation or engage in a meditative activity (walking, dancing, creating, etc.) will initiate a channel for relating. It is important to give this subject your focused attention, for five minutes or an hour, as long as you are present with the question.

Throughout your developmental process, gratitude is essential to nurturing the intuitive relationship. Saying “Thank you” acknowledges the energetic assistance and encourages further relations

So, at any moment you choose, you can begin to reconnect:

1 – State regularly your willingness to connect with your intuition, your spirit and to receive information (speaking, thinking, writing or reading)

2 – Get present with your day beginning with one moment at a time – this takes practice so it may literally begin with one moment of relating with your partner or the crossing guard where your spirits really see each other – the moments will grow into longer periods of time, stay with it

3 – Notice sensory “signals.” Do you see pictures, hear sounds? Recognize your unique attunement and know that it is your personal language

4 – Ask questions and get more specific – your intuition and guides exist to assist you – work with them

5 – Express gratitude – the energy of authentic appreciation for the gifts of spirit encourages future work and reinforces the spiritual bond

You have a unique spiritual destiny and you can begin your reconnection process at any moment and within any task that arises

Cheryl Merz is a medium and intuitive advisor. She has consulted with thousands of individuals and businesses around the world over the past decade. Cheryl facilitates workshops for those developing and expanding their intuitive connection as well as ritual circles designed to enhance those connections. She is available for public speaking engagements and private consultations and can be contacted via her web site at or at 801-577-2248.

This article was originally published on October 8, 2009.