Slightly Off Center

Slightly Off Center: Utah Fringes

By Dennis Hinkamp

In journalistic jargon “30” means the end. That’s what Utah highway 30 is; it’s probably the last place you’d pick to explore in Utah but you should. Everybody brags on Highway 12 in Southern Utah but that is just boring postcard beauty. Highway 30 is the real unspoiled Utah.

Following the northern contour of The Great Salt Lake, it runs roughly from Snowville, Utah to Montello, Nevada’s least famous gambling town. Along the way you’ll pass through Park Valley, which has the least Pokémon in Utah. About eight years ago you could have bought the only three businesses in town for $300,000. I guess they didn’t get any takers because they are all closed now; meaning you better plan for 105 miles of no services.

I’ve been driving Highway 30 at least twice a year for the last 30 years and it still relaxes and surprises me every time. Where there are no big attractions, you look for the tiny ones. I hope you like this little gallery: a fake Christmas tree decorated with flip flops and bubble wands, cow femurs painted in primary colors; bullet hole-riddled cans on a dead tree; why not? All things are possible on 30. I won’t tell you exactly where they are; you’ll have to drive 30 and find them yourself.

Yes, the road is paved all the way.


This article was originally published on October 2, 2016.