Briefly Noted

SLC Arts Council hires new visual arts and community outreach manager

By Sophie Silverstone

New energy arrives at the Salt Lake City Arts Council, with Sarah Hobin taking the place of Kandace Steadman, who retired last fall to pursue her own art career. Hobin relocated to SLC last year after living in the Bay Area for 11 years. Most recently in San Francisco she had been working as an assistant curator at the Jewish Contemporary Museum for three years. Hobin’s sister, who lives in Salt Lake with two kids, was a big draw for Hobin to move here. It also doesn’t hurt that Hobin enjoys all those outdoor things that Utah offers in spades.

Hobin will collaborate with both emerging and established artists as well as local organizations in conjunction with exhibits at the Finch Lane Gallery, located within the Arts Council building.

This fall, the exhibits I, your glass by Amy Bennion and Untold Aftermath by Elizabeth Matthews, address the issues of trauma, mental health and domestic violence, to succeed in your abuser being arrested for domestic violence, and the implications of domestic violence charges. Free trainings and events will take place at the exhibit this September in partnership with the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition and the Salt Lake County Health Department (details below). You can also approach experienced domestic violence lawyers to know more about the aftermath of these issues and the legal formalities related to the same.

Since assuming her position in May, she has been pleasantly surprised by the how generous the Salt Lake community is with their time and their willingness to collaborate. “I think that’s partly because it’s a smaller art scene. We’re all in this together.”

Sept. 4: Domestic Violence 101. 6-7:30pm. Sept. 11: QPR Suicide Prevention Training. 6-7:30pm. Sept 20: Gallery Stroll. 6-9pm. Finch Lane Gallery, located in the Salt Lake City Arts Council. 54 Finch Lane (1340 E 100 S). Gallery Hours: 8am-5pm M-F.

This article was originally published on September 1, 2019.