Metaphors May 2019: Shift happens…now!

By Suzanne Wagner

May 2019, a time to spring into action

Osho Zen Tarot: Completion, Playfulness, No-thingness

Medicine Cards: Turkey, Bear, Eagle

Mayan Oracle: Caban, Universal Movement, Adventures Quest

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Tower, Hanged Man, 6 of Disks

Aleister Crowley Deck: Ace of Cups, Swiftness, Prince of Disks

Healing Earth Tarot: Fool, The Moon, Nine of Wands

Words of Truth: No Movement, Sexuality, Powerless


Much is shifting and many patterns are completing this month. A better flow is attempting to manifest.

Astrologically, Pluto and Saturn went retrograde at the end of last month, giving us a chance to review and reflect upon our projected path and decide if we are actually going in the correct direction for the expression of our authentic self. Or are we just going through the motions?

These big retrogrades remind us that we are not quite ready for the big shift that is coming in January 2020. But now we have a chance to clear more out and redefine your purpose.

While this month’s retrogrades may make you unsure as to where to go, it will be clear what you need to let go of. And that is the first step towards healthier expression for your life. Sometimes doorways do not open until you let go of something. Only then does the universe present the next possibility.

Jupiter is also retrograde, giving you another chance to decide what you believe. After all, you likely won’t move forward into a new place if you don’t believe you can achieve that thing.

The three Medicine Cards illustrate the awakening process of humanity this month. The Bear, Turkey, and Eagle are powerful totems that are coming together for a greater purpose. The introspectiveness of the Bear has awakened a moral fortitude that has the power to shift the negative patterns into potentials. The Turkey has offered itself up as a sacrifice for the greater good of all. There is a resurgence of self-less-ness and a desire to give back and to give to those in the greatest need. And the Eagle has soared into the minds of many, giving us an overview and far-sightedness that is essential because so much has been murky and difficult to see.

The Eagle intends to open eyes on a global scale. We can see the impact that denial and fear has had in this world. And concern and love for this beautiful planet is overcoming the negative energies that were in control.

This surge of energy is challenging the old world and the old ways of doing things.

After two-plus years in the stagnant waters of the astrological ocean, a wind stirs the sails of your ship, generating much needed movement.

The winds of positive change are beginning to blow—not a huge gust but a constant flow that gives hope and renews the spirit.

The larger global mind is being reset. This new mindset is still defining its purpose and direction. It is not functioning at the highest frequency but it is strong enough to move us towards a new potential. Power and momentum will come later.

The earth has given up a lot to call humanity to this moral and conscious awakening. We are beginning to see into the bigger connection that we have to all things. We are seeing beyond our narrow needs and convenience and into a broader global sense of how we all impact each other. Humanity is recognizing that we love and want all of the animals and planets. We want to leave a wondrous world for our children’s children. And now we know that it is up to all of us to shift our perspective into a broader place of love and acceptance. It begins by letting go of hatred and resentment. It begins when we recognize that all things in this world deserve to live and thrive.

We are beginning to clean up our mess. And some big players are jumping in to help with money and ideas. This will be a long journey. We are finding how to come together with constructive ideas. The blocked energy is finally shifting into hope and we are finally getting some traction. You can feel the force of good moving through the chaos. Caring is finally outweighing fear. Concern is pushing back against hate.

We all have a wild and wooly adventure coming but this month there is a playfulness in the mood and tone.

How do you want to contribute to this new world? First, get excited! Second, see the possibilities. You are a part of one of the greatest global consciousness shifts in humanity.

Together, let us spring into action and do what we can to help this world and others.


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This article was originally published on April 30, 2019.