September 27-October 3 — Lonely for Love

By Christopher Renstrom

My birthday is 3-12-83 and my question is: What is in store for my love life? Will I have one?

The past two years have not been kind to Pisces. You had Saturn, the planet of tests, traveling through your opposite sign of Virgo. Your opposite sign is the sign that sits six signs away from you on the zodiacal wheel (or six months away from you in the calendar year). Saturn here creates a “low-tide” energy that would have pervaded your love life making it extremely difficult to connect with that special someone. Either you would have been preoccupied with sorting out your own troubles (health and work issues steal focus when Saturn is in Virgo) or you would have faced an array of complications every time you tried to get together with your love interest. Saturn in Virgo can be like the proverbial nun at the high school dance who insists that couples remain three feet distance apart at all times.

But Saturn is a teacher, not a tyrant, and he teaches by forcing you out of your comfort zone (the old answers don’t work anymore) and getting you to stretch and grow in ways that you wouldn’t have otherwise. In your case Saturn has been teaching you to be more self-sufficient so that you’re not always looking to someone else for love and approval.

Your Ruling Planet is Neptune, named after the greek god of the ocean. And like the ocean you carry an entire world around inside of you that most people can’t begin to fathom. They don’t always see the colorful schools of emotions swimming beneath the surface nor do they fully appreciate the depth of feeling you bring to every conversation and encounter. You like living in your own world—it’s a beautiful place to be. But it can also be lonely because you know that you will always be “deeper” than most people you meet. Like the smart person who dumbs it down in order to fit in, you will create ways of getting hooked on someone in order to feel close. Hence the attraction to unattainable types, narcissistic personalities and/or emotional wrecks. The melodrama of agonizing over whether or not someone loves you muddies the waters and diverts you from the realization that without that hook you wouldn’t much care.

Saturn moves out of Virgo on October 30th, leaving you older, wiser, and more centered. You may also not feel very motivated when it comes to love which is actually good because now that you’re not trying so hard, love will come looking for you. This should coincide with your other Ruling Planet Jupiter (you’re one of three zodiac signs that has two Ruling Planets) entering Pisces on January 17, 2010. Jupiter was named after the greek god of storms and fertility which means that when it rains, it pours when he’s in a water sign like yours. I see you deluged with possibilities in the spring, but finally settling on someone who feels just right in June 2010.

This article was originally published on October 1, 2009.