September 2020: Time to perceive, receive and use your abilities

By Suzanne Wagner

Osho Zen Tarot:  Ripeness, Integration, Sorrow

Medicine Cards: Hawk, Crow, Wolf

Mayan Oracle: Realm Shift, Ahau

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Three of Disks, Three of Wands, Five of Wands

Aleister Crowley Deck: Failure, Dominion, Queen of Wands

Healing Earth Tarot:  Woman of Feathers, Seven of Rainbows, Four of Shields

Words of Truth:  Addiction, Energy, Change


The astrology continues to escalate and the drama refuses to let up. This month you continue to confront what you have co-created.

Everything is a reflection of yourself—the conscious self and the unconscious self. It is the unconscious self in the act of becoming conscious that has created so much upset and turmoil.

Forget about the perceived mental facts and look at the energy, the flow of that energy, and the manifestations that such energy creates.

The energy flow shows the direction things will take and the intention directing that energy. The manifestation of that energy is a result of all the thoughts, shadows and egos playing out their games of war, conflict and dominance into the physical plane of existence.

The cards indicate that something is ripe and ready to be born.

We are about to experience a shift in consciousness, one that has previously never managed to take hold in this reality. But now, this energy can finally catch fire and shine a very bright light beyond this dimension, allowing us to see and move into a higher conscious existence.

But the Five of Wands indicates that “the armies of the Emperor will wage war against the people.” Tensions may escalate to violence as we move closer to the election.

The lesson this month is to remember that you are only as powerful as your capacity to perceive, receive and use your abilities.

The cry of the Hawk is everywhere this month. When the Hawk inside of you is not in balance, it will emotionally color everything to the point that nothing is clear. The ego wants to blind the eyes of Hawk so it cannot fly high for an overview.

Notice what attempts to blind you to your true self. Notice those who try to diminish you and make you dependent on them.

The Woman of Feathers counsels you to listen. Let the joy in your heart be the guide and inspiration to show you how the impossible is possible.

When you find that joy and connect it to the hearts and souls of your spiritual family, then you become a force for change.

Some people use the energy to  frighten those of lesser strength. Instead, use that energy to strengthen your joy. Remember that you are here for the greater good, not just your own ego or beliefs.

When you stand up for goodness without being attached to how that goodness is supposed to be distributed, then those who are hateful or afraid have no ability to pull on you. Because you want goodness for them as well. You want everyone to have what is essential for a healthy and happy life. You want everyone to have equal opportunities. You want everyone to shine their light brightly in their own unique and special way.

When you are not showing an ounce of favoritism, only then will others see the clearest mirror they have ever seen.

Instead of seeing the projection of their greatest fears on others, they perhaps may begin to see that they are the ones most afraid, after all.

Have a wonderful month.


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This article was originally published on September 2, 2020.