September 13-19 — Move on or stay put?

By Christopher Renstrom

I’m a Virgo (8/28/69) torn between a long-term stable relationship (2/15/66) that I may have outgrown and someone (3/3/79) that I feel a very strong connection with that I can’t shake. I want to go, but don’t want to feel hurt and I’m also fearing the unknown with someone new and exciting. What do the Stars say?

The Stars show that you are on the cusp on some major life changes. You are coming out of a two year period where you felt pretty isolated (Saturn in your sign can have that effect) and where it also looks like your partner, an Aquarius, did a disconnect. Aquarians adopt a “bunker mentality” when feeling under-fire and your partner’s horoscope has been getting slammed by the planets for the past 11 months—which would explain the duck-and-cover behavior. But a planetary explanation still doesn’t excuse his absence. A relationship is a team sport, so he has to decide if he’s going to re-emerge from that hole in the ground or not. If you’re still interested in making things work then October is a good time to seek counseling.

I can see what attracts you to the younger fellow. He was born in your opposite sign, Pisces, and opposites attract in Astrology. But just because opposites attract doesn’t mean they’ll stay together. Opposite sign attractions are dramatic, volatile, and highly unpredictable. That’s what makes them so intoxicating. This is highlighted by the fact that your lunar nodes crisscross in each other’s horoscopes—your north node falls on his south node and vice-versa. This is what gives your relationship its fated, I-can’t-live-without-you intensity. It also tells me you’re looking to satisfy a craving and that once you’ve had your fill then you will both move on. I think your Pisces friend is in your life for the express purpose of motivating you to make some changes.

So is this really about a choice between two men or is it about your growth as a person?

You’re a Virgo. You’re no prude nor are you anybody’s Mommy. For two years you have tried to do right by people only to discover that people haven’t exactly done right by you. But this is the lesson that Saturn in Virgo teaches. Saturn makes an intolerable situation more intolerable so that you have no choice but to act in your own interests. This isn’t easy for someone whose Ruling Planet Mercury is in Libra. Typically you would leave your current relationship if you knew you had another one set up and ready to go. But the Stars are changing the rules of the game with you. By denying you an easy out they’re forcing you to articulate your wants and needs and to make them a top priority. This doesn’t say that you’ll always get your way (who does in a relationship?), but you’ll have a clearer understanding of the give-and-take that makes a relationship successful. Finding this balance between the “me” and the “you” is what Saturn in Libra from 2009 through 2012 is all about.

This article was originally published on September 13, 2009.