Briefly Noted

Seek Studio opens in 9th and 9th area

By Sophie Silverstone
Pictured: Sarah Betts | Photo: Mary McIntyre

You might be thinking, “Just what that area needs, another yoga studio.” But Seek Studio offers a nontraditional approach to both yoga and sports conditioning that might be a refreshing change. Instead of paying for a gym and a yoga membership each month, owners Sarah Betts and Alex Zuhl set out to provide a small community space where strength, fitness, endurance and yoga exist under one roof.

Betts, a certified yoga instructor, taught previously at Avenues Yoga and before that for five years in Seattle. “For me, yoga and strength training have always been driven by my passion for being outside. It’s not about just breaking a sweat or building a six-pack,” says Betts. “Whether you seek to battle a condition you were born with, or climb the tallest peak in Utah, we want to bring awareness and encouragement for every individual to seek the deeper meaning behind their practice.”

Seek’s story is also a love story. Betts, originally from Sun Valley, and her partner Zuhl, a Salt Lake City native, were inspired by their mutual love for mountain biking, skiing, trail-running and hiking to start the studio together. Betts’ passion for teaching and connecting with people is balanced by Zuhl’s expertise in business and finance. While Betts teaches, Zuhl runs things behind the scenes. Seek offers all levels and intensities of yoga and sports conditioning classes from 6am to 8pm daily.

1270 S. 1100 East (second level).

This article was originally published on February 15, 2017.