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Postum: for everyone

By Staff

Who doesn’t like a warm drink in winter?

Postum, the simple and healthful beverage made from roasted wheat bran, wheat and molasses, was marketed in 1895 by C.W. Post, whose cereal company became General Foods (purchased in 1985 by Philip Morris for $5.6 billion, the largest non-oil acquisition at that time), which merged it with Kraft. In 2007, Kraft killed Postum.

Enough people made persistent noise, and in 2013 the product re-emerged with a new owner.

Postum, now non-GMO-certified and organic, is sold in a limited number of stores throughout the country, but of course is handily available in Utah. (We found two places near San Francisco that carry it; three in the NYC area… and 144 stores within 50 miles of Salt Lake City, including even Chevron stations).

Even so, unless you’re a hardcore caffeine tee-totaler, you may not have known of this drink. Cozy and delicious. it has its place in our cupboard. When not in the mood for caffeine, sugar or alcohol, a drink like Postum can fill the need. But it’s also very good mixed with coffee, cocoa or kahlua!

This article was originally published on December 4, 2017.