Polly Mottonen – Art Director


Polly Plummer Mottonen came to Utah from Wisconsin in 1986 looking for rocks (and mostly to live by her favorite aunt and mentor, Greta deJong.) Armed with a degree in geology she jumped heart first into the best kind of litho study—river running— and all things desert. Hanging up her adventure travel hiking boots in 1992, Polly came to work for Aunt Greta at Catalyst.  It started with collections, kinkos runs, making the 3am tea, trimming and waxing (these were the "olden" days.)  sales, production managing a little writing and photography… then a few years in, there was an emergency opening for graphic designer/art director and with a couple quick quark lessons she has been designing and laying out the magazine ever since.

Polly has also been a professional stained glass artist for over 20 years with work in homes all  across the country.  Those educational and crazy Passion Parties? Yep, Polly does those too. Looking to improve your love life? Just look her up. Given all the fun, creative work she gets to do what tops the list is being wife to jazz drummer extraordinare, Mark Mottonen and mom to the two most amazing little boys you'd ever hope to meet Miles and Max. (If you are a frequent Catalyst reader you know their faces well.)   "Getting to help produce Catalyst for the past 15 years continues to be a joy and a privledge."

This article was originally published on November 28, 2006.