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Poetry Outlet: Everything Screams

By Nova Janes

Today I’m full of anxiety.  I’m scared for the world and what’s happening in it.  I’m scared that I’m not going to make a difference…  But I want you to come away from this at least knowing that I am on your side.  I am rooting for you because I struggle too.  Mental health is not something that we talk about often enough and sometimes, “How are you?” is the hardest question to answer.  I want this to be a place where we can admit that I’m not okay/fine/good whatever socially acceptable answer that we’ve all come to expect.  If you cry in your car, if you stare into the face of your inadequacies and think that you will never be good enough, if you scream, if you can’t breathe, if you freeze, if you get locked into the never-ending repeating thoughts that sometimes don’t let you leave… I am here with you.  I am fighting with you.  You don’t have to fight this alone.

Everything Screams

This time of year

makes me think of winters

and fear, that I’m going

to crash not just from going

too fast, but I’m heading

that way—headlong, sliding

on ice, I can’t think fast

enough to keep up

with my mind:


Everything is connected

on this big ball of string,

my memories, my fears,

what happened yesterday,

who said what to me when and why,

I over-analyze


I’m late, I’m early,

I don’t have enough

Lines, I want so many things

all at the same time.


I just wanted to see you

Today, I don’t want to be alone

with these thoughts

that don’t leave me

alone, I don’t know

how to explain this uncertainty,


This hold, this pressure,

these fingers around my throat

this anxiety,

Is mine.



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Comment or leave poems (or both!) below I would love to get the discussion going.  What advice and opinions do you  have about seasonal depression (Seasonal Affective Disorder or Anxiety in general)?  This time of year when the days get shorter and it’s so much colder really get to me!  Other than antidepressants, what are some ways for people to deal with this kind of thing naturally?  I write, and it helps to acknowledge my feelings and provide a venue for them to become tangible.

This article was originally published on January 20, 2017.