Poetry Outlet

Poetry Outlet: Alternative Gifting & New Year’s Resolutions

By Nova Janes


Painting, and any excuse to do so, has always been something I enjoy. With Christmas coming up, I got my paintbrushes ready, canvases prepped, red wine purchased and downloading a Playlist to keep my mind busy and my heart open to colorful possibilities. Homemade gifts are definitely where my heart’s at. This year I made photo collages for family, a painting for the most forgiving landlord, and a scrap book of quotes and memories and motivational advice because the new year will be ringing in a brand new attitude.

Doing what I love, creating memories instead of worrying about how much money I need to spend on everyone for Christmas, helped so much with my usual holiday anxiety.

How do you deal with holiday stress?

This year, we made plans to not make plans and took it easy. While every year this may not be possible, it was the best route to take a break from the craziness of last minute shopping and appreciate what I can give and create with my own hands.


New year’s resolutions:

Write more poems and make more excuses to create/paint/write.

Read more, track progress.  (To Be Read list is still TBD.)

Find time for Yoga.

Practice daily mindfulness.

Quit smoking–a yearly favorite of mine maybe this year it will stick!

Keep the promises I make to myself.

Happy Holidays!



Let’s go,

We’ll paint

The whole

Universe in Vivid hues

That dance like dreams

And horses do

Waking up

The senses with each new stroke

We’ll backspace, delete

And control – X, too

Because this world is full

Of re-do’s, remixes,

Things we don’t need

And I don’t need all this

White space







This article was originally published on December 30, 2016.