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Podcast “Foreign Somewhere” Episode 1: Shanghai during the covid-19 pandemic with Jayden Ke

By Sophie Silverstone

Foreign Somewhere is a podcast connecting with people from around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

While we’re sitting at home in isolation all this time, feeling a bit foreign in our daily lives in this sort of alternate reality, I’m hoping to dig into the potential of this unfamiliar territory, and see what we can learn from it.

What started as a result of my wish to be connected to all of you in the world while we’re all isolated from each other, and all the time spent absorbing the mountains of coronavirus memes, zoom video conferencing… everything, I couldn’t help but feel like, although we’re physically distancing ourselves to slow the spread of the virus, given our current state of technology, we’ve never been so connected.

I have to admit, this podcast is fueled by feelings of rebellion against some divisive rhetoric that fear has brought out of people. To be more specific, I was really annoyed by the way Trump talked about the quote “foreign” virus.

There are so many things wrong with assigning a country of origin or national identity to a virus. I’m very much against putting the word “foreign” in context with a virus, something that is threatening us on every level.

If my travels abroad had solidified anything for me, it was the feeling that everyone is foreign somewhere.

And this virus that does not discriminate race, or country of origin, has in fact made us all foreigners to a new reality in which most of us are just staying home somewhere.

So, this podcast is dedicated to the potential in this foreign feeling that inspires growth. It is also inspired by our human need to connect and explore.

So, here we begin to connect with people around the world, starting with Jayden Ke. I’ll let him tell the rest…

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This article was originally published on April 15, 2020.