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By Staff

“Watching Angel,” by Lee Udall Bennion.

Lee Udall Bennion is a painter who lives in Spring City, Utah with her potter husband Joe Bennion. Joe also works as a river guide in the Grand Canyon and Lee also makes and sells a salve called Mom’s Stuff Salve—Superfood for Skin

Lee enjoys an active outdoor life in the wilderness areas near her home in central Utah and that of the southwest. This involves many hours hiking, or in the saddle on her horses in the mountains east of her home, as well as backpacking and river running the desert canyons found in southern Utah and Arizona. The feelings generated by these places she visits and loves are communicated in her paintings by the rich, intense colors of her landscapes even more than by the pictorial elements. Her husband Joe believes the objects Lee sees with her eyes are “transferred as visual information through the conduit of her soul.” Lee Bennion’s distinctive style, with its pensive, elongated figures, is not so much portraiture as her own special harmony between subject, emotional atmosphere, and viewer.Lee 2010

She says of her own work, “Although I primarily paint the figure, portraiture is not my main concern. My painting deals with form, color, and feelings foremost. Often a likeness of my model is also found in my paintings, and I enjoy this when it happens. My figures are often slightly distorted, never quite perfect, but hopefully still reflect the warmth and goodness that I feel exists within them. I am most pleased when these feelings reach the viewer, and some kind of dialogue occurs that goes beyond the recognition of the subject. My landscape and still life paintings tell more how I feel about a place or a set of objects that what they actually look like. I take great liberty with colors and form, painting often from memory or with out a lot of direct reference to my subject. I am defiantly not a plein-air painter!”

Lee’s paintings can be seen in SLC at David Ericson Fine Art, 418 S 22 W SLC UT 801-533-8245

Her website is leeudallbennion.com

This four-minute video gives you a glimpse of Lee’s paintings and life. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NR34Z7LnvXg

This article was originally published on May 31, 2014.