On the Cover

On the Cover: “Underworld,” by Pax Rasmussen

By Staff

otc_rasmussenPax Rasmussen has been rolling with the CATALYST crew since 2005, when CAT published his first-ever magazine article. He has been on staff in various capacities since.

In addition to CATALYST, Pax is a fourth-semester graduate student in the Communication department at the University of Utah. He studies conflict resolution, environmental communication and critical theory to inform his interest in practical documentary work.

Pax is an Agent for Change and a lieutenant in the H.E.A.D. Revolution. When he’s not out agitatin’, you can usually find him bumming around a local coffee shop-most likely Nostalgia. Fnord.


Photo model: Emily Millheim. Emily is a loyal subject of the Jellyfish from the Year 12,000 (jellyfish12000.com). When she’s not doing its slimy, deep-sea bidding, she’s blowing glass, gourmet cooking, and getting even further involved in various collaborative art projects in the SLC area.

More of his work can be seen at www.paxrasmussen.com.



This article was originally published on January 30, 2009.