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On the Cover: Scott Siedman

By Staff


I was born in East Los Angeles on January 9, 1948, Southern California bred and educated and after one year at UCLA, graduated from Cal Arts with a BFA. Moved to San Francisco and then to Canada for a few years, where I worked as an illustrator and muralist. Got sent to Tahiti on assignment for Vancouver magazine.

The Faithful.

Landed in Washington DC for a while, working as an illustrator for the Washington Post. Built on drained swampland, the summer weather is sadistic. John Kennedy called it a city of southern efficiency and northern hospitality.

Back to California after some time traveling, I settled in a small town called Bolinas, made ceramic sculpture, grew pot and magic mushrooms and became part of a theater collective, performing and designing my first theater sets.

Moved to San Francisco, had my first solo show of paintings Dirty Pictures — a series of oil paintings and drawings using sexualized religious iconography — at Morphos Gallery. Performed and designed sets for theater and began to write stories for film.

Moved to Los Angeles where I continued to paint and had shows titled Sacred Porn, Unspeakable, Propaganda, Larger Than Life and Obscenery) .

I’m currently writing a fake reality TV show with a partner, in pre-production on a feature film as production designer, painting in oils, and designing sets and graphics for theater. Through the last 15 years I have also been a samba dancer, Burning Man habitué and wannabe lounge crooner. In January of 2015 I began an online entity called Neverwuz Productions on FaceBook which, surprising no one more than me, grew to become a global phenomenon of Art, Film, Flashmob Events and Surretail franchises called Neverwuz A store.



Cover artist, Scott Siedman, is not only a talented artist and all around creative spirit, he is also a snappy dresser. We wanted to express our gratitude to Scott for gracing our cover for a third time His Obama painting Man from Illinois November 2008, foreshadowed the President’s first term and his Honey Bee was a glorious spring cover a couple years ago. Don’t miss his cunning “Neverwuz productions” on facebook.

This article was originally published on February 28, 2015.