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On the Cover: Sally Shatz

By Staff

otc_sally_shatz.jpgSallie Dean Shatz, has worked for BBC, Amnesty International, Index on Censorship, Sports Illustrated, and a variety of magazines and companies in the sports wrold and magazines and newspapers in Lebanon, England, Germany, Australia, Israel/Palestine and the United States. She has worked for many non-government organizations in the Middle East and Central Asia. Her work has been exhibited on Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, in Beirut, Lebanon sponsored by UNESCO and Amnesty International, in Jerusalem and an exhibit that toured Spain through AL-LIQUINDOI for over a year. Shatz has also been a member of Mountain Rescue-Aspen for 16 years where she is a rescue leader, the only women to have served as training officer.

Sallie is in the process of moving to Salt Lake City, Utah and will be teaching an eight-week class at the Women’s Art Center. http://www.womensartcenter.org/
Class description-
Daily journaling with a camera.
Tuesdays 6:3-9pm Oct 7-Nov 25

To make better images; you simply photograph. What surprises you? Makes you laugh? Think? What happens when you play with and have fun with your camera?

The goal of this class is to explore the act of seeing, the joy of visual expression. Musicians practice daily, creativity is a discipline. Photographing daily, even one image, will change how you visually interpret.

We will look at photographers who break rules, the definition of personal style, photographers who interpret light with elegance and people with grace. We will critique and edit each other’s images and produce photo books of the journey through online resources.

All cameras are welcome, even cell phone cameras. No experience needed, the desire to express something that has never been seen before is.




This article was originally published on September 1, 2008.