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On the Cover: November 2009

By Staff

campbellHeather Campbell is an award–winning mixed media polymer clay artist. She lives with her husband in a late 1800s Victorian home along the Logan River in Cache Valley, Utah. Coming from a family of talented artists, she is passionate about her work and has spent many years in the arts and crafts industry working with oil, watercolor, ceramics, wood and metals. Three–dimensional art has always been her favorite and she loves to get lost in the touch, smells, mixing of color and magical transformation of clay. All of her jewelry and sculpture pieces are original, one of a kind, unique and intricate. They are inspired by life experience and the natural balance of color, texture and design revealed each day in our fascinating world.

There are some ideas that just won’t go away! Like bees buzzing around your head, you can ignore them and keep getting stung or you can give them the respect they deserve before you attempt to move forward.

Eyes, eyes, eyes! Eyes have been blinking around everywhere in my thoughts. “The Eyes Have It!” They really do! We can see myriads of beautiful colors, the majesty of the tallest mountains, the intricacy of a snowflake, even the mystery behind the eyes of the Harlequin mask.

Each pair of eyes sees the world, themselves and others from their own unique perspective. Is this narrow panoramic view the right one, the best one or the only one? Look…. Open your eyes… see for yourself. The possibility of seeing, farther, brighter, and more complete may be possible if we collectively share our vision. Seeing isn’t always believing, but it’s a start.


Cover photo of Campbell’s mask by Charlie Ehlert



This article was originally published on November 2, 2009.