On the Cover, Regulars and Shorts

On the Cover: March 2014

By Pilar Pobil

“The Great Seal of the State of Utah,” by Pilar Pobil

P Pobile State CapitolPilar Pobil paints what is important to her: friends, her garden, and the social issues that have colored and shaped her life, starting with the Spanish Civil War in which her father was killed. Her most recent painting to appear on CATALYST’s cover (November 2013) depicted Malala Yousafzai, the young Pakistani woman who stood up to the Taliban and who has become a well-known champion of human rights and health and education for women. This month we share Pilar’s 2013 painting in which she had some fun with Utah’s State Legislature, albeit with a sharp edge.

“The Copula of the Capitol has been changed into a beehive, and emerges from the filthy cloud,” she says, describing the painting. “The senators and representatives who are supposed to be our leaders and our protectors are

flying around like crazy bees, doing nothing. But don’t worry, dear citizens, we are all just fine. We are safe. Everything has been approved under “The Great Seal of the State of Utah.” u

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This article was originally published on March 1, 2014.