On the Cover

On the Cover: Kim Riley

By Staff

kimriley.jpgKim Riley is a local photographer specializing in photo-documentary work.  As an avid chronicler of her surroundings — which continually shifts as she moves between locales including Lebanon, Paris, New York, L.A., Seattle, Black Rock City and the nightlife of Salt Lake City (yes, there is a nightlife here). Kim’s images are simultaneously edgy, celebratory and always impeccably composed.

The cover image for this month’s issue is a self-portrait shot in a spontaneous moment at a small café in Paris during one of her trips to the “city of light.” Kim is drawn to the surreal, unique and mysterious aspects of events that surround us. Her photographs are often shot askew or tighter than we are accustomed to, reflecting the way she embraces each moment, with wonder, intensity and creativity. We are drawn into her world where we, too, experience the magic of an alternate lifestyle that encompasses such things as the Paris metro at night, abandoned burning automobiles, frenetic fire-dancers, wildly-imagined vehicles and illusory figures caught by the glow of neon.

Kim received the Juror’s Choice Award in 2003 in the ArtSpace Forum Gallery’s “35 x 35” show, the Juror’s Choice Award in 2004 in the Utah Statewide Annual, Photography/Craft Division and the Third Place Juror’s Award in 2004 in the Springville Art Museum’s prestigious Spring Salon Show. Presently, her photos can be seen at Phillips Gallery.
— Stephen Seko


This article was originally published on October 31, 2007.