On the Cover

On the Cover: Kate Edwards

By Staff

OTC_0808_B_.jpgA bit over 40 years ago, Gret and Kate went wandering in the early morning hours, wrapped in sleeping bags and exploring the world. Not much has changed really…though, separated by far too many miles, Kate now has to wander with her tiny Canon camera, stalking bumblebees at dawn. Kate has worked as a cake-baker, an art director, a meditation teacher, a companion to the young and old, once roofed tall buildings in the noon-day heat, and has spent weeks and weeks completely silent and moving very slowly in Buddhist meditation centers. She longs to build a treehouse with her own bare hands, and she believes deeply in showering the world with blessings whenever she can. She is contemplating shaving her head, divorcing her car, and tumbling head over heels in love…with everything. Ah, and then there’s poetry!!



This article was originally published on August 1, 2008.