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On the Cover June 2009: Pilar Pobil

By Staff

pilarArt is the most essential part of my life. Art is my passion and my obsession, and I could not live without it any more than I could live without air. I know that art is in everything I do, like writing, fixing my house, gardening, etc. I am grateful that I am able to do it because I believe it is the most rewarding way to spend my time. It is a reflection of observing the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Since my childhood, I knew I was an artist, but I was born in Spain at a time when women were not encouraged to have a career, and circumstances in my life did not allow me to reach my dream until I was already in my forties. My father died in the Spanish Civil War, and my mother was a very conservative person who did not allow her daughters to pursue a vocation unless it was a religious one. (One of my sisters became a nun.) Even so, every household project became an expression for what I really wanted to do. I learned a lot from people that close to me, and these seemingly unrelated skills were very helpful to me and still are, even in my art.

I am not a complicated person. I am very lucky, because I respond strongly to what surrounds me. I want to paint or sculpt what I see, but in my own way, not necessarily exactly as it is, but what I see as its expression. This is the reason for the variety of my subjects, people, landscapes, still-lifes. People who visit my house say no one is safe around me because if they stand still long enough, I will paint them.

For me, art is the most interesting thing in the world, because no matter how much you work at it and how much you think you know there is always more to learn and discover, and sometimes you do it just by chance, it just comes from somewhere…

It’s amazing~! Pilar Pobil

Experience Pilar at the much loved event, 10th Annual Pilar’s Art in the Garden June 12, 13 & 14, 5-9pm. 403E. 8th Ave, SLC. Come spend a summer evening in the garden surrounded by the art of Edie Roberson, Susanna Kirby, Polly Plummer, Galina Perova, Willamarie Huelskamp and Pilar Pobil. $10 admission benefits Art Access’s programs for people with disabilities.
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This article was originally published on May 29, 2009.